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Enjoy Conquer the Red Sands of Dubai with a Desert Safari Tour!

Desert Safari Tour Dubai

by Desertsafaritravel

Dubai, which was financed by oil earnings from its own country, exudes luxury. The young emirate is teeming with glittering skyscrapers, magnificent buildings, and leisure and commercial areas. However, the ancient desert and the traditional Arabian way of life are hidden under the gloss and glamour. This area of the emirate delivers excitement, mystery, and an opportunity to learn more about Dubai’s true nature.

It’s your turn to leave your mark on the Arabian desert now that so many others have already done so. Here are some reasons to like a!

  1. The desert scenery in Dubai is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Dubai’s desert scenery is the ideal blank canvas for your creativity. Many photographers take use of the region’s brilliant sunsets and undulating sand dunes to create stunning images that are on par with desktop screensavers. As soon as the scorching sun casts a reddish colour on the sand that resembles Mars’ surface, you can even start to believe that you are on another planet. When clouds part to reveal a starry night sky, the desert is even more stunning.

Bring your tripod on the Dubai Desert Safari Tour so you can capture the stunning night sky of Dubai in a steady long exposure photo. Perhaps you’ll even see a shooting star!

  1. Arabian art and culture

You’ll be taken to a Bedouin camp as night falls for food and entertainment. You may see Arabian culture in its spectacular, vibrant, and captivating pre-modern form here. Watch as brilliant young women spin their skirts to perform the folk dance Tanoura, belly dancers with snake-like hips hit the stage, and locals who can breathe fire demonstrate their mastery of the element.

While there, you can also have a temporary tattoo on your skin using henna, a reddish-brown ink. Choose from a collection of designs or collaborate with the artist to make your own, then take in the work of art for a few days before it inevitably disappears.

  1. A never-ending BBQ dinner buffet

At a desert safari dinner buffet, you’ll find an abundance of meat and spices, two of the key ingredients in Arabian cuisine. At the campsite, there are a line of open-fire grills cooking a variety of grilled meats to sate your appetite. Fresh fruit on plates, cut into bite-sized pieces, is ready and waiting for you as you watch a cultural performance. After a day of adventure and sunbathing, this spread of Arabian treats is the ideal treat. End your hearty meal with a shisha to calm your overstuffed stomach or a cup of traditional Arabian coffee and pastries.

  1. Morning Desert Safari with Falconry

During your trip on a desert safari, get to see the falcon, which is the national bird of the UAE! In the UAE, training falcons is a traditional sport known as falconry. In Emirati culture, it is regarded as a high art form, and since 2016, UNESCO has added it to their list of humanity’s intangible cultural treasures. Falcons are currently trained for sporting events and cultural purposes after being employed for hunting in the past. Don’t pass up the opportunity to take a selfie with the magnificent hunting bird because falconers bring their birds on desert safaris for photos and performances.

The desert is also home to more native animals. Watch out for the Arabian oryx, meerkats that appear in isolated areas, owls, and many kinds of bird congregations. Avoid getting too close to the animals as much as you can because the desert is thought of as a conservation area.

Why Should You Include a Desert Safari Tour in  Dubai? 

Make careful to choose a reputable and trustworthy firm when making your reservations for your desert safari tour. There are more than 100 other businesses that provide comparable packages, as you already know if you did a fast Google search to check what your options are. After conducting some very in-depth research and reading what seemed like a million reviews.

How To Have The Most Adventurous Experience Ever!

1. Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter), Al Dhafra

Al Dhafra, which makes up about two-thirds of the emirate of Abu Dhabi, is a country of striking vistas and the ideal location for your desert safari in Abu Dhabi. The Liwa oasis will astound you with its vast date palm farms, but it is also the entrance to the Empty Quarter, commonly known as Rub Al Khali, which is the world’s largest uninterrupted sand mass. Your breath will be taken away by the beautiful dunes and breathtaking sandscapes due to their immense size and spread.

  1. Al Khaznah

Another stunning swath of dune land at Al Khaznah is tucked between the city of Abu Dhabi and the Al Ain oasis and is a favourite spot for desert safaris in Abu Dhabi. Al Khaznah entices the daring adventurers for some high-octane dune bashing, quad biking, and other adventure sports with its lengthy sand valleys and enormous dunes. The Arabian Nights Village and Al Badeyah desert camp in Al Khaznah both provide a taste of traditional Bedoun living.

Timings And Prices For Desert Safari In Abu Dhabi

There are numerous tour operators offering a wide choice of tours to meet your demands, whether you’re seeking for a 5-star experience or a cheap desert safari in Abu Dhabi. The most well-liked choices for a desert safari in Abu Dhabi include:

  1. Morning desert safari in Abu Dhabi

Due to the cold temperatures and gorgeous shadows the rising light casts, mornings are a fantastic time to go on a desert safari. If you want to see the splendour of the golden country beneath the golden rays of the setting sun, a morning desert safari is a must-do activity.

  1. Evening desert safari in Abu Dhabi

A twilight safari is your finest option for a classic, enchanted desert excursion because of its true sense of the desert setting. Along with all the thrilling activities, you also have the opportunity to view a gorgeous sunset, take some amazing pictures, and enjoy a desert camp beneath the sparkling night sky.

  1. Overnight desert safari in Abu Dhabi

For those who prefer the excitement of the desert to the luxury of their hotel rooms, choices for an overnight safari are also available. The ideal time of day to experience the desert’s immensity and natural splendour is at night. It is undoubtedly a memorable experience to sleep in your tent under the stars and wake up to a stunning desert sunrise.

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