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What is the Cost of an Epic Travel Yacht?

by Vaani3510

There are few things that can rival the luxury of  travel yacht . You will find endless exploration opportunities in luxurious settings as the wind blows through you hair. This is especially appealing after a year indoors. Private yacht charters could provide adventurers with a safe haven from the crowds as we recover from the pandemic. A common question among novice charterers, however, is “How much does it really cost to charter yacht?”

Elite Traveler answers this question and more. For Yacht Rental Turkey we have compiled a list of the main costs anyone looking to charter a yacht for their first time should consider.

What does my yacht charter cost?

Remember that there are two types. There is an all-inclusive charter and one that covers fuel and crew. You should verify that these costs do not vary from one charter company to the next. These can quickly add to the cost of your charter and could end up being very expensive.

A ‘plus cost’ charter (or a’separated fee’ charter) is one in which a price is paid for the vessel, crew, and equipment. All other charges must be paid by an APA. Prior to embarking on a voyage guests will be required to fill in a preference sheet with their preferences and favorite foods. This allows the chef and staff to stock up on these items. This allows for a more personal experience.

An APA can cover fuel, food, and other expenses as well. This would mean that the average cost of a week-long ‘plus expenses charter’ would be $45,600. This is a large sum to be aware of when you choose your vessel.

A bareboat charter is another less common charter. It doesn’t include provisions nor crew. It is preferred by experienced yachtsmen, ladies, or those who are able and willing to provide their own crew.

How much does a yacht charter cost?

The crew’s reputation and age will affect the price of your charter travel yacht. The most important aspect is the yacht’s size. A larger yacht is likely to have a higher cost. Burgess is a well-known yacht brokerage. A week charter in Caribbean aboard a 163.3 foot Home starts at $245,000. It might seem surprising to novice charterers that a bigger yacht does not always mean more guests. International Maritime Organization safety rules state that superyachts cannot accommodate more than 12 guests.

Does the type of yacht affect the price?

While the answer is yes it’s not as big as it seems. Classic travel yacht were constructed between 1920 and 1970. Sportfishing yachts may be agile and have a wide range of reach to reach the best spots for fishing or diving.

Although sailing yachts enjoy a lot of popularity with boating enthusiasts, it is not the most popular choice for chartering. Motor yachts are popular, but they are not the most common choice. But, these yachts can be more expensive to own, maintain, and fuel.

In the last decade, explorer boats have become more popular with adventure travelers. The price is also comparable to that of chartering superyachts like the O’Pari for $1.1m. O’Pari is 312 feet.

Why is chartering more expensive in certain months than in other months?

The charter price is affected by the season. Charters during peak times will result in a higher price. It is at its peak during the Christmas holidays and into the new Year. Caribbean charters are typically more expensive in December and March than Mediterranean charters.

How do you handle gratuities, unexpected costs and expenses?

A Mediterranean jellyfish cannot sting a novice sail boater. The APA is for a travel yacht with plus expenses’. It is payable before you sail. Crew gratuities will not be included in the yacht charter price for all inclusive charters or other additional expenses. You may need to pay docking fees in addition to the charter cost. These are the fees that you pay for your yacht to be stored in a marina overnight.

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