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How Customer Experience Enhances With Text-To-Speech


by aileenscott604

Text-to-speech is now possible because of recent developments in speech recognition and natural language processing. Speech recognition will transform your business interactions for a world-class customer experience. On IVR calls, the clients may now hear more human-like greetings. The latest developments in AI will create personalised experiences of customer communication with the brand.

Benefits of Text to Speech:

Provide human-like voice quality – The software can simulate a human voice and provide a variety of Indian accents to help users better interact with the community.

Control the Voice – The user controls how the text-to-speech voice is delivered. They can change the playback voice’s pitch, tempo, and accent.

Accent and Multiple Languages – Hindi and English playback voices are available in text-to-speech software. When their questions are answered in their language, many customers feel more of a part of the brand.

Increased Brand Reach –Text-to-speech software delivers a customized experience to the customer with features like regional welcomes, individualized hold music, and assistance turning callers into customers.

Campaign Customisation – Depending on the type of product or service the company provides and the format of their marketing campaigns, the tone of speech can be tweaked.

Lower operational costs – Employing text-to-speech technology can help businesses cut their operating costs by up to 70 percent.

The text-to-speech program fills in the communication gaps to provide more seamless client interactions and quick service. Customer support teams’ routine and repeated phone calls become more interesting and conversational in style. It enables companies to connect with a bigger customer base and elicit more favorable responses. Through the use of cloud platforms, calls can be processed automatically, reducing the need for human intervention and effort. The firm can now concentrate on the text inquiries, whereas the customer support team may focus on more critical issues on a priority basis because TTS lowers the errors caused by verbal communication.

TTS is a human-like approach that allows businesses to understand better to offer better services. They can choose the designated text and automate the process by opting for the appropriate voice quality to convert the text to the desired voice quality. Businesses can analyze call records, identify regions with maximum customer queries, and focus their marketing channels on that specific demographic factor based on data analysis. The market for text-to-speech software is growing at 16 percent annually after the COVID19 pandemic, which has boosted the need for a better customer experience.

Text-to-Speech for Customer Feedback and Evaluation

Contact centers need to focus on making data-driven decisions to understand the overall customer feedback on their series. The tone of the customer is generally different while giving negative feedback. With the advent of technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we can transcribe calls in real-time and understand the text by performing a sentiment analysis to predict the overall customer satisfaction of your business service or product. Scaling up the text-to-speech software can enable companies to evaluate customer interactions with their brand. It reduces the errors caused by humans during communication.

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