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Which Home Loan Application Method Is Best, Online or Offline?

by Nithya
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Many people have the desire of owning a property where they may unwind with their families. But investing in residential real estate is also a brilliant option. Which is better for a housing loan—online or offline—daily world?

Because real estate prices are constantly rising, any property you buy today will be worth twice the amount in ten years. Using a home loan can help you buy your dream home more quickly because it provides you with a lump sum advance that you can back in monthly installments. You have the option of applying for  home loans either or in person.


Online versus. Online Home Loan Applications

Here are some factors to consider when determining which choice is best for you if you’ve selected to apply for a house loan but are unclear how an offline application is superior to an online one:

Processing Speed When you apply online, all of your paperwork must be prepared and available in one location for review. As a result, the loan can be processed more rapidly and the loan officer can easily verify your documentation.

On the other hand, an offline application requires the submission of paper copies of all relevant evidence, which the lender must keep onto until they are evaluated, lengthening the processing time.


Application Monitoring

If you submit your application online, you can check on the progress of it as soon as you do.

After the processing officer enters your information into the system using an offline app, you may track the application only-daily world. Before your application is taken into account, you might need to follow this up with the lender in some situations.



Your papers can be readily uploaded to the system in an online application without running the danger of losing anything in transit. If you forget a document, you can easily store your application till you can get it because the application portal even includes a list of all the documents you need to upload.

The lender may request extra papers in addition to those you submitted when completing an offline application; you must provide them. It can take a few days to finish this.



The lending institution’s website offers all the necessary information to establish your loan eligibility if you’re wondering how to check before applying for a home loan in India. You will be able to discern your eligibility once you have submitted your financial information.

When submitting an offline application, you should do so before the lender can decide if you are eligible and start the loan processing, which could take several days.


Finance Fees

You will know exactly how much you need to spend for the loan processing when you apply online since there are no extra expenses to be aware of.

In an offline application, you cannot see all the loan fees on the website, but you will be required to pay them as they are incurred, so you are aware of all the costs before you apply.

Documentation Needed For A Mortgage

You must submit the following paperwork for your house loan, whether you apply once per online or offline:

  • filled out an application
  • pictures of the applicant the size of a passport
  • Identification evidence, such as an Aadhaar or PAN card, and proof of residence, like utility bills
  • bank account statement over the past six months
  • Statement of Liabilities for Any Other Existing Loan


Paying customers:

Form 16 or your most recent two years of income tax returns, or a salary certificate from your employment

  • independent professionals
  • Orders for IT Assessment from the last three years
  • Challans as documentation of an advance paying taxes
  • Self-employed businesses: copies of the latest three years’ earnings tax returns or assessment orders
  • Challans as documentation of an advance tax payment


One of the many advantages of applying for a mortgage online is how simple it is to do so from the comfort of your own home. However, in order to apply online, you must be technologically competent and at least have a basic understanding of how to upload documents to  correctly.

The decision ultimately comes down to your choices and unique circumstances. Each option has benefits and disadvantages, consequently it is important to carefully consider your options before selecting one.

Similar to an error in an offline application, any error in an online application can cause your loan application to be prolonged. Whether you apply online or offline, make sure you have all the proper documents available to avoid making any such errors.

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