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How IVF Has Changed Lives Of Indian Couples

by Dr. Prasenjit Roy

Infertility in couples can be seen due to a number of reasons and it can manifest in either of the partners. In the present day, a significant percentage of couples in India suffer from infertility in one form or the other. There are several reasons for infertility occurrences, starting from genetic or chromosomal abnormalities to lifestyle issues and exposure to unhealthy and toxic environments too.

Owing to infertility, many couples in India are opting for affordable alternative methods of conception. IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is gaining massive popularity among the people of India because of the convenience it provides and its affordable price range as well.

Introduction To IVF

IVF is an assisted reproductive method that helps in the conception of a child. For couples who want to conceive a child but are unable to do so, IVF can certainly help. With gradual social awareness in India about infertility, there is less social stigma than before about alternative methods of conception, and this is where the role of IVF comes in.

IVF is a procedure that is minimally invasive and involves external fertilization. In this procedure, a woman’s eggs get fertilized by a man’s sperm in the laboratory. The fertilization process is facilitated by expert pathologists. After a period of two to three weeks, the fertilized eggs are transplanted into the mother’s uterus.

Why Choose IVF?

More often than not, the parents who are going to bear the child are the ones whose eggs and sperm are fertilized externally in the laboratory owing to complications related to the direct fertilization process in the woman’s body. However, for couples belonging to the same same-sex or single parents, external eggs or sperm or both, come into play.

For women who have any serious issues in their body and are not fit for carrying a child, or have crossed a certain age limit, opting for a gestational carrier is recommended by doctors. The gestational carrier carries the child for nine months and delivers a healthy child.

A Medical Revolution

IVF has been considered to be an advanced medical technology for conception that has brought about a revolution in childbirth in India. For couples who had earlier faced serious issues with childbirth, IVF is a bright ray of hope. It has brought smiles to the faces of millions of couples in India and made them happy parents.

Doctors, nurses, and professionals in the medical field have been working day in and day out to bring to the citizens of India the best possible medical care in each and every department – be it gynecology, obstetrics, or childcare, and the millions of successful cases of IVF conception only bear proof of this point.

Besides in vitro fertilization, there are alternative methods of conception that have come into play in India. These include intrauterine insemination (IUI), childbirth through a donor mother, egg donation, sperm donation, and so on. Couples can choose any of these alternate reproductive methods that best suit their needs.

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