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What is the China Airlines baggage allowance for 2022?

China Airlines baggage allowance 2022

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What is the China Airlines baggage allowance for 2022?

What is the China Airlines baggage allowance for 2022?

China Airlines is committed to providing you with the most top-notch service possible. They are reputed for their excellent service and significant area of operation with flights flying to different parts of the world. So it’s only natural that whatever they do and do will have your best interest at its core. The same goes for their baggage allowance and policy. The policy ensures that as their pass, you don’t have to leave anything important behind; at the same time, it also oversees if your journey with them is staying comfortable and safe. As one of the leading Airlines in Asia, they have a legacy to uphold, and they are doing a great job at that with their excellent services, which makes their customers go back to them again and again. So here is the information you need about What is the China Airlines baggage allowance for 2022?


China Airlines baggage allowance 2022

The baggage allowance of China Airlines is pretty standard. They ensure that all your necessary items reach your destination with you. The staff at China Airlines handles your luggage with the utmost care, so you don’t have to worry much about damaged luggage. The Airline authorities have put rules and regulations in place for your safety. Because the baggage of such a considerable number of passengers does impact an aircraft, the authorities must keep in mind the technical makings of the plane, the space available, the interior design, etc., while making those rules.


  • If you are traveling by economy class, you can have standard carry-on baggage with one personal item: a pouch, a purse, or a laptop bag.
  • If you are traveling in Business class, you can carry two carry-on bags along with one personal item.
  • Though the personal item has no specific size or dimension, it has to fit under your flight seat and has been referenced as a handbag in their policies.
  • The standard carry-on luggage cannot be more significant than 115 cm and cannot weigh more than five kg.


  • In case you are traveling with a lap infant, you can carry a collapsible stroller that can be taken as carry-on baggage.
  • For Economy Class passengers, the checked baggage allowance is quite generous, and they can take two check-in baggage.
  • For First Class passengers, the baggage policy extends, allowing them to have at least three check-in baggages.
  • Traveling with an infant without a seat, you can have check-in baggage and a fully collapsible stroller.
  • Your check-in baggage cannot weigh more than 23 kg, and the bag has to fit the dimensions of 158cm. Gold Card and Emerald Card members can have a piece of extra check-in baggage.

So, all your queries regarding ‘What is the China Airlines baggage allowance for 2022? ‘has been cleared. So now that you know their baggage policies fly with them stress-free.


How much will you be charged for China Airlines baggage fees?

Are you flying with China Airlines for the first time and are thoroughly confused about what you have to pay, how many bags you can take, and other such baggage-related issues? Then don’t worry cause with China Airlines, you will never have to worry about meeting unrealistic weight and size limits. Their baggage policy is quite generous compared to the rest of the market. So here is all the information to answer your question –How much will you be charged for China Airlines baggage fees?


  • With China Airlines, the baggage allowance, the right to carry excess baggage and other such things largely depends on the route you travel from or to. These factors keep changing based on the rules of the country you travel to.
  • For flights from some parts of Central and South America and from the U.S.A and Canada, all oversized items of baggage under 203 cm will not be considered part of the free baggage allowance, and you will get charged for one piece of excess baggage.
  • Bags exceeding 203 cm will get excluded from the free baggage allowance, and you will get charged three times the applicable unit rate.


  • You will get charged twice the applicable unit rate for each of your baggage crossing the two-piece allowance.
  • If your luggage weighs more than 32kg but is less than 45 kg, you will get charged the applicable unit rate thrice.
  • For flights apart from the territory, when the weight limit gets crossed, your excess fee will get charged and calculated based on every extra kg exceeding the baggage allowance and might vary from one route to another.

So now that you know all the baggage fee details, the rates, and the calculations, you can pack your bags accordingly. Try not to exceed the weight limit, and in case you do, keep the excess baggage fee prepared to prevent any last-minute harassment.


How much does extra baggage cost on Air China?

When a company puts different rules and regulations in place, many thoughts regarding international laws, the limitations of other aircraft models, the comfort of the passengers, etc., go into it. So as a passenger, it is always good to respect the policies of the airline you’re flying with because that will make your journey hassle-free and make things easier for the airline staff as well. Not sticking to the weight limit can result in spending much money on extra baggage fees.

  • For economy class, you can carry two check-in baggage, each not weighing more than 23kgs and not larger than 158 cm. If you are traveling in the U.S and Canada route, you will get charged an excess baggage fee based on the route rates.
  • You can carry three check-in baggages for free if you are in Business Class. If your baggage exceeds the size and weight limits, you will get charged according to the route you are traveling in. If you are traveling in the U.S, Canada route, or some countries of south and Central America, you will get charged based on the local excess baggage rate.


  • If you are traveling from any other country, you will get charged for each extra kg crossing the free allowance. That one might also vary from route to route.
  • If you are carrying sports equipment and your equipment is on their list of free sports equipment, you won’t have to pay any extra, but if it is not, then you will have to pay extra.

Hopefully, your confusion and queries regarding ‘How much does extra baggage cost on Air China are? ‘has been cleared. The difference in fees because of routes and local laws can be confusing. To know more about it, you can always contact their customer service.


China Airlines customer service

China Airlines’ customer service is very responsive. They always listen to the problems their customers face trying to book a flight with them or after booking a flight with them. They provide their customers with multiple ways of getting in touch with them. Once you get in touch with them, rest assured that all your problems will be solved without any unwanted delays. So here are all the ways by which you can reach China Airlines’ customer service.


  • If you dial their official number, which you will find on their website, you will get connected to a live China Airlines representative. You can choose whichever language you want to talk in, and then you can tell your queries to the representative who will find a solution for you.
  • They also have a live chat option. Through that option, you can put your issues in their chat box, and a live representative will read them and provide you with a solution through chat. The service is available from Monday-Sunday (6 am-6 pm).
  • You can also avail of customer service through their social media customer service networks via their Twitter and Instagram pages.
  • You can also mail your problems to them through their official mail address, which you will find on their website.

Now that you have all the information regarding China Airlines, what are you waiting for then? Please book your tickets today to avail the facilities being provided to you as their passenger. As one of the top- notch airlines in the continent of Asia, this service will certainly not disappoint you. So make your journey beautiful and relax with China Airlines as soon as possible.






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