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What is Delta Airlines’ baggage policy?

Delta Airlines baggage policy

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What is Delta Airlines' baggage policy?

What is Delta Airlines’ baggage policy?

Delta is one of the leading airlines in the world. They are known for their excellent service to their customers. So when you fly with them, you can travel worry-free. However, as a passenger of Delta, you have to follow the rules and regulations about baggage size and weight limits put down by them. These measures ensure a safe journey for you and your beloved ones. As a passenger, too, you are expected to follow the rules that the airline has put in place. A lot of thought goes into making these rules for you. So if you are thinking about Delta Airlines’ baggage policy, here is all the information you need.

Delta Airlines’ baggage policy

The Delta Airlines baggage policy is very generous and passenger friendly. They will take care of your every need when you are flying with them. So be it you or your baggage. You can leave your bags in the responsible hands of the delta staff without any worries. Your luggage will reach you safely. However, the team at Delta is more than happy to handle your luggage as long as you follow their company policies regarding baggage. So if you need clarification on what those are, here are they.


  • For check-in baggage, your baggage cannot measure more than 62 inches. As far as the weight is concerned, it depends on the route you are traveling.
  • Your baggage allowance might also vary depending on the class you are traveling in.
  • This division is there because the space inside each class cabin varies.
  • Moreover, if you are flying by business or first class, you have indeed paid a hefty sum for your tickets. So you get special facilities for the money you have spent.
  • If you booked your ticket economy, your baggage should be at most 50 pounds. If you are traveling in a Premium economy cabin, your baggage cannot weigh more than 70 pounds.
  • For carry-on baggage, you can have one hand luggage and one personal item. As a First Class passenger, you can carry two hand -luggage and one personal thing.

So if you are flying by Delta Airlines, try to abide by these size and weight limits. If your bag does cross any of the limits, you will be charged an excess baggage fee. This fee varies based on the route you are traveling in. So if you want to avoid paying the extra money, do follow the rules. All your queries about What is Delta Airlines’ baggage policy are answered.

How much does delta airlines charge for baggage?

Delta Airlines has flights flying all over the world. So when it comes to baggage fees and policy, they must follow international rules and regulations. Every country has its own baggage policies. Delta Airlines gives you more than enough scope to have everything you need; of course, if you are a medallion member, you get special privileges in baggage allowance. If you follow their free baggage allowance and your baggage fits their size limit, you won’t have to pay anything extra if it does not, then you have to pay the excess fee.


  • For carry-on baggage, as a basic economy passenger, you can have one hand luggage and one personal item. For First class passengers, the allowance is two hand – luggage.
  • Your hand luggage should measure at most 45 linear inches. It has to fit the overhead bin above your seat.
  • The personal item that you get to carry has to be small enough to fit the area under your seat. Though its dimensions are not specified as such, it has to be a pouch, a purse, or a laptop bag.
  • Items like jackets, duty-free items, etc., are not counted as baggage.
  • For checked pieces of baggage, the dimensions should be at most 62 linear inches, and the weight limit varies from class to class.
  • If your Checked baggage does cross the weight or size limits, you have to pay an extra fee for that.
  • These fees depend on the route you are traveling in; the Excess baggage fee for the European route will vary from that of the American route.

So before flying with Delta, you should get an estimate of how much your bag weighs and its measurements. If you think you will have to pay the excess fee, check the extra fee for your route. You have the provision of online check-in with them. So during your online check, you can pay your excess baggage fees online to prevent being held -up at the airport.

How many bags can I take on Delta Airlines baggage allowance limits?

Delta Airlines wants to provide top-class service to its customers. Ensuring that your journey with them is safe is a big part of that experience. When it comes to baggage allowance, many factors, like the space inside the cabin, the distance, international laws, etc., come into play. So when you fly with them, they do not want you to worry about many things. Hence they have put these regulations in place to save you from any last-minute harassment.


  • You can carry one hand luggage as an Economic passenger and two as a first-class passenger.
  • Your class will decide the room you have for your luggage inside the cabin.
  • Military personnel get special privileges in terms of baggage allowance.
  • You can have one personal item with your carry-on luggage.
  • The luggage must be small and light enough to fit the overhead bin.
  • Your check-in luggage has to measure 62 linear inches or below it.
  • The weight of that baggage does depend on the class too.
  • Excess baggage requires an extra fee.

So now you know in detail about your question How many bags can I take on Delta Airlines baggage allowance limits? Since there are so many variations in fees and allowances because of laws and policies, you can always contact Delta Airlines customer service to clear up any doubts. They are there to help you out 24*7.


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