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6 Easy Tips for Installing Motion Sensor Flood Lights

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As the name suggests, a motion sensor light responds to users’ motion. The light can be programmed to perform several actions based on different gestures. Special Infrared (IR) lights are present at several morning points, which helps detect motion. Small electrical devices known as motion detectors can see infrared radiation, or heat waves, emitted by moving objects. The lights turn on automatically when the sensor detects an object moving across its range of vision, notably warmer things like humans, animals, and automobiles.

How Do Motion Sensor Flood Lights Work?

Motion detectors are small electronic eyes that follow the basic principle of detecting infrared or heat waves emitted by moving objects. When the detector detects an object moving across its field of view, particularly warmer objects like people, animals, and cars, it electronically activates the lights.

False Positives for a Motion Detector Sensor

When your dog moves, someone is coming, a car is driving by, or occasionally even the movement of the wind-blown leaves, an outdoor motion sensor light will respond. When objects like that trick the detector and turn on the motion-sensing lights, it results in false positives.

6 Tips for Installing Motion Sensor Flood Lights

Place a motion sensor light to cover the walkways leading to your front and rear doors and the driveway for optimal efficacy. The ideal location for motion sensor lights is six to ten feet above the ground. Most movement occurs across the motion sensor detectable zone rather than right in front of the detector. The lights will turn on when you return home at night in this manner. They can also be used to illuminate patios, decks, and other areas that could be dangerous, such as those near stairs and swimming pools.

#1 Make Sure Power Is Off

Before you finally begin to install the motion sensor flood lights, you have to make sure that the power supply is in the off state so that you do not get struck by current flowing through the wires in the electrical supply distribution of your house. If a floodlight previously existed and you want to perform a replacement job, take out the existing floodlight, and prepare the wiring of the new floodlight.

#2 Electric box

If this is your first time installing a motion sensor flood light, then make sure that you choose an electric box that is comfortably large enough to hold your light but can also hold floodlights of larger sizes. If you are replacing a floodlight, make sure you replace the electric box if the need arises.

#3 Arrange the Wiring of the Floodlight

Once it is in the correct position, the splice opens the ends of the wires of the floodlight, runs it through the rubber gasket, and then to the wire terminal of the box.

#4 Add in the Motion Sensor

Certain floodlights have a motion sensor built-in, while a few have a motion sensor that comes as a separate attachable accessory. If your floodlight falls in the second category, add in the motion sensor, and you can now turn on the power source.

#5 Activate Motion Sensor

Different motion sensors have other activation methods. Please read the instruction manual with your motion sensor to properly determine how it gets started, as the procedure varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

#6 Aiming of Motion Sensor

 It is essential to align and seek the motion sensor to determine its field of view where it will detect the motion. Taping or covering the excessive area with an opaque cloth can help fulfil this task.

Let’s Wind Up

Motion-sensor flood lights are not difficult to install, and if you follow these tips, you should be able to do so relatively quickly. If you’re concerned about the installation process, there are many online resources to consult, including instructional videos on YouTube. You can also ask a local hardware store employee for advice and assistance—they may even have glow-in-the-dark stickers available that they could include with your order (these will help you avoid aimlessly fumbling around in the dark).

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