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The Best Kyber Lightsaber in 2022

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Several best kyber crystal color (s) were used to create the Kyber Saber, a sword. Its creator destroyed it and dispersed the crystals around the galaxy since it was potent enough to crush rock and smash a moon. This lightsaber has no reproductions; it is only manufactured in Lego form. Like other replica lightsaber manufacturers, Kyber uses standard components for its products, including a blade, an LED, a soundboard, and a speaker. However, every Kyber saber hilt is interchangeable, allowing for the creation of various looks. The LED’s color may be changed at the touch of a button, moving through multiple hues.

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Undoubtedly, Kyber lightsabers have the highest quality as a custom saber, are affordable, and fans of all ages can access it worldwide. The first impression of Kyber lightsaber is that it is well designed and that the package is set securely. Also, compared to other lightsabers, the handle of Kyber lightsaber is long and heavier but with a smooth swing perfect for dueling. The ability to customize the handle is the most incredible and fun factor about Kyber lightsaber. Also, the package includes screws used to tighten the blade, which requires a little learning, but once you master it, there is nothing much to the saber.

Usually, the sound is a feature that most people for separately. In this case, the Kyber lightsabers come with nine custom sound fonts at a very affordable price which makes the lightsaber more real. You should not expect any sound issues as this is a quality lightsaber, including the flash-on-clash feature. In summary, the Kyber lightsaber is perfect for beginners looking to add more sabers to their collection, as it has every characteristic a fan of the dark sword would need. If you want to duel, kyber lightsaber’s smooth swing and high-quality electronics will make you proud.

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