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How Can Bulk SMS Services be Used to Improve Mobile Marketing?

by prashantpanwarrr
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A significant portion of the population browses the internet from mobile phones, which urges the need for a marketing segment known as mobile marketing. 

To gain efficiency in mobile marketing, businesses need to opt for bulk SMS services that allow them to send bulk SMS to various recipients. Here, the message is personalised for each customer to improve their experience and help the business’s potential growth.

This article has incorporated some best practices for bulk SMS in mobile marketing that will allow businesses to connect with existing customers while attracting new ones.

The Benefits of Bulk SMS Services

With short and precise SMS, businesses can effortlessly convey value to their audience. For that, businesses need a bulk SMS service provider in India who can help them consolidate their customer base.

Captures Attention

SMS takes considerably less effort from the users than email, which makes it more readable. Even if they don’t read it with full attention, it stays in their minds when they take a fleeting sight.

Better ROI

Bulk SMS is so cost-effective that businesses just need minimal investment to start. Then, according to the business scale, One can adopt the service for guaranteed results. 


The bulk SMS services target customers according to their preferences by customising the SMS. They speak to them directly and offer them specific discount codes to grab attention.

Set & Forget

Businesses can use SMS automation to broadcast their messages to a larger audience. It can be anything from reminders, new sales, chances for lead generation, and follow-ups.

Tips to Optimise Bulk SMS Campaigns

Take a look at the advice we’ve provided below to improve the effectiveness of your upcoming mobile marketing campaign:

Include a Call to Action

If you want your readers to act on the SMS, you need to include a clear call to action in the SMS on what they have to do to benefit.

Determine the Time Customers Respond

Gradually you can understand the time your customers are most active. This way, you can schedule their SMS delivery and get a response from them.

Keep it Brief

Always choose your words carefully and never exceed 160 characters. Always get straight to the point by addressing their problem, offer them a solution or a reward and close it.

Be Aware of Frequency

Some customers might get annoyed and unsubscribe if they get so many messages. Also, not sending for too long will make them forget about you. Set a timeline for your SMS, be it daily, weekly or monthly. 

Get in Touch with your Customers in a Matter of Minutes

The benefits that bulk SMS marketing can provide businesses do not end here. It is becoming crucial for medium and small-sized companies to reach new potential customers.

Mtalkz, the best bulk SMS service provider in India, can help businesses adopt an integrated, multichannel marketing strategy. The experts help optimise the companies’ mobile marketing efforts to generate the best outcomes. 

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