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9 Reasons Why You Should Learn Python Programming

Easy to Learn Python Programming

by ragulram
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Why You Should Learn Python Programming

Python is an important programming language that every developer should be familiar with. Many programmers use this language to create websites, learn algorithms, and other necessary tasks. 

  • The best way to learn Python is to decide what you want to build first.
  • Then you’ll want to look for a course or resources to help you develop your concept. 
  • When learning Python, it is critical, to begin with, an idea.

Python is easy

  • It is simple to learn and has an intuitive syntax (a way of writing the commands understood by a computer with a given python programming language). 
  • The syntax is similar to elements “from real life,” so the keywords are understandable to any beginner while also being very similar to those found in other programming languages.

If you’re a beginner programmer, start with Python!

         When I first started programming, I used the Basic Python Programming language. Basic was an appealing name.

  • As a beginner, you want to get familiar with the language and see what you can do with it right away.
  • As I continued to learn the language, my frustration grew as I realized I couldn’t do anything exciting with it other than add numbers, concatenate strings, and render rudimentary output characters on the screen.

The only issue with Turbo Pascal and Turbo C was that they took a long time to complete tasks. There was usually a lot of code involved, and debugging pointers was difficult. 

  • After a few years and thousands of lines of code in C and Pascal, both strongly-typed languages, I began to investigate dynamic and scripting languages, which led me to Python.
  • I was also impressed by how whitespace in my Python code was used to structure the code blocks. 
  • I am grateful to BASIC and Pascal for teaching the fundamental concepts of programming, but Python could do the same thing in a much simpler and more enjoyable way.

So, if you’re still trying to decide which programming language to learn first, give Python some serious thought and consideration. Believe me, you’ll have a lot of fun while doing it, as you’ll not only learn but also feel productive right away.

Python is fast

  • No, I’m not comparing Python’s speed to that of other programming languages. There will undoubtedly be complaints that there are faster options.
  • Python is faster than other programming languages, but this is unimportant for beginners.
  • You don’t want to install Python but would like to experiment with a console? Proceed as follows: Python shell can be found online at repl.it.
  • This GIF did not appear by chance. Mr. Robot is an excellent TV show about hackers that involves a large portion of the IT world. 

We can track a large number of cybersecurity devices here. There is a scene in which Python code is quickly written directly in a console or the fuxsocy.py file that Darlyn uses.

Python is agile by design

If you’re on a personal journey to become a professional developer or want to create the next big thing, being agile and iterating will help you succeed. 

  • This means you must test what works and what doesn’t, and then repeat what works until you reach your goal.
  • This iterative process enables both hobby developers and startups to succeed. 
  • Python is great for climbing the corporate ladder because it allows you to code quickly and move from concept to implementation.

Do you ever wonder how Dropbox grew to be the force it is today?

  • It has a small secret that many people are unaware of its core product was built with Python. 
  • They were able to iterate and perfect the product much faster than if they had used another language. It was ideal, and it also enabled Dropbox to go cross-platform.

Portable and Extensible

Python is a simple and versatile programming language that many businesses prefer when creating applications. Companies such as Facebook, Google, NASA, and Amazon use it daily.

  • Python is an easy-to-use, straightforward, robust, and inventive programming language. As a result, most startup businesses conduct their operations in Python. 
  • It provides a platform for multilingual operations. Python’s extensibility allows it to be used with Java, NET components, and C/C++ libraries.

Web Development Opportunities

Learning Python is essential if you are looking for good web development opportunities. 

  • Python provides several good web development frameworks, such as Django, Web2py, Flask, bottle.py, Cherrypy, and Pyramid, to make your web development process much easier.
  • Some of the languages that can be used for web development include PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and others.

However, Python has greatly simplified web development. A task that would take hours in PHP can be completed in a matter of minutes using Python libraries and frameworks.

Libraries and Framework

Python and Java are similar in these respects. There are a lot of open source libraries and frameworks for both of these languages. 

  • The advanced features of open-source libraries and frameworks make programming easier.
  • The open-source language encourages developers to try new things and constantly improve their code. To work with the Python programming language, the developer must stay up to date on the latest changes.

Use Data Science

Python can easily handle large amounts of data. Big data processing libraries include dask, Pyspark, and Pydoop. 

  • Python’s popularity in data science stems from the large number of libraries and frameworks it provides.
  • Pybrain, Numpy, sympy, pymysql, and other libraries and frameworks are included. Pandas is a multifaceted data analysis library that has contributed to Python’s success.

Machine Learning Concept

            Another reason why programmers prefer to learn Python is machine learning. Nonetheless, the advancement of machine learning in recent years has resulted in massive change all around us. Over time, programmers are attempting to create algorithms that are far more sophisticated.

  • Google algorithm services are one such example, which has been designed in a sophisticated manner to respond to what the user expects. 
  • Python can help programmers who are interested in machine learning achieve their goals.

Python and the multibillion-dollar security business

There is no shortage of cyberattacks in this day and age, and security is becoming every developer’s responsibility.

            What was once reserved for elite hackers and cyber-security professionals is now everyone’s responsibility to become familiar with compliance, in-app security, and regulations such as GDPR.

  • So much has been said about cyber-security that you may have heard that the next World War will be won in cyberspace rather than on the ground. 
  • The move to the cloud is giving scripting and dynamic languages like Python a brilliant opportunity to shine, by facilitating flexibility and the ability to experiment faster, while sacrificing some execution speed. 

Python includes modules to help with activities like HTTP parsing, XML parsing, and optimized calculation handling, all of which are useful when developing security software.

  • Although Python is not as low-level as C or C++, it is used by Intel to test microchips and powers Dropbox (which is a heavily secured application used by millions of users around the world).

Python is a must-know language for serious security professionals due to its powerful capabilities.

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