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Why Should You Pick Localbitcoins Clone Software?  

by justinray717

The cryptocurrency exchange website is rapidly increased with the growing usage of cryptos in this current time and new exchange development processes are also evolving. They are different types of crypto exchanges mainly P2P, centralized, decentralized, and hybrid. In this article, we will explore all the aspects of developing a p2p bitcoin exchange like localbitcoins. By doing that, your exchange gets all the functions and features that the original platform offers to its traders.

What is localbitcoins?  

The LocalBitcoins exchange is a very popular BTC trading platform located in Helsinki, Finland. It also provides some high-end features such as a matching engine, advertisement posting, dispute resolution, etc the whole system more reliable for the users. On this platform, you can simply place a buy or sell order connect your exact matches and chat with encrypted key resources.

Sellbitbuy – the leading cryptocurrency exchange development company that provides localbitcoins clone software through which you can start your own cryptocurrency exchange like the localbitcoins platform. We provide additional services to develop and deploy the LocalBitcoins Clone App for both android and ios platforms.

How does the localbitcoins clone website work?  

It is very easy to join the localBitcoins clone platform just fill up the registration form and then log in to the trading details is carried out the process in a very easy way.

When you entered the website you can either publish your requirements on the website or check the already posted order details. If you select any trade orders then you will receive a notification from the interested party.

The secure chat will be opened once the trader partner is selected. Sellers deposit the BTC in the escrow wallet for avoiding any problem.

According to the exchange platform terms and conditions, the trades must complete within the time duration. Else, the transaction will be ended automatically logout.

When the seller received a payment slip from a buyer, the seller marks as a paid option then, BTC will release from the escrow wallet, or any case the problem will rise affected person must submit evidence to take necessary action.

Revenue Models in Localbitcoins Clone Script  

  • When the traders post an advertisement the website owner can collect the few amounts of commission fees from the seller.

  • You will get a commission for every successful transaction held on the exchange.

  • When traders are increased in your exchange platform you can run the third party ads to make a better profit.

  • You can get the money by launching new tokens on the platforms.

  • There is endless revenue of using a LocalBitcoins clone now. Do you think the crypto traders need new one or essentials trading?

  • You don’t have to spend hours researching finding a new or developing and designers new structure. Simple, you already know what your target audience wants and you are giving them an excellent exchange with more advantages features.

How to get a reliable local bitcoin clone website script?  

In crypto exchange development, there are two ways one can either hire a developer to build a new exchange from the scratch or buy readymade localbitcoins clone script with customized white label solutions. You can go for any models based on your needs, budget, and stipulated time.

Whichever model you choose, it is essential to you collaborate with a reliable cryptocurrency exchange software development company, so you can receive a product that is flawless. Sellbitbuy makes high-end crypto secure platforms, here are the features available in our clone exchange:

  • Live price tracking of cryptocurrencies

  • Multi-Currency Wallet Integration

  • Chat Bot Integration

  • Ad Posting

  • Online/Offline Trading Options

  • User-Friendly Interface

  • Instant KYC/AML verification

  • Robust Dispute Resolution

  • Multi-Currency Support

  • Two-Step Verification

  • Escrow Wallet

Thus, buying Local Bitcoin Clone Software from Sellbitbuy and launching your own crypto exchange business will be the easiest way to bring your dream into reality and making more profit in a short span of time.

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