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Why Laravel is the Best Framework for Web Development

by Jane Brewer

Laravel has been gaining traction over the past couple of years, and it’s definitely one of the best frameworks out there today. With its expressive syntax, strong documentation, and active community, you’d be hard pressed to find a framework better suited to web development than Laravel. This piece outlines some of the reasons why Laravel should be your choice when looking at web development frameworks.

Laravel has been called the most popular PHP framework, and it’s easy to see why. For example, compared to other frameworks like CodeIgniter, Laravel offers significantly more functionality out of the box while remaining extremely user-friendly to both newbie and veteran programmers alike. Here are three reasons why Laravel is the best framework for web development.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP web application framework. It is one of the best frameworks out there for developing modern, robust web applications. Laravel has one of the best track records when it comes to reliability and performance. What makes Laravel stand out from all other frameworks? There are quite a few reasons.

Laravel vs NodeJS

Laravel is an all-around amazing framework, but there are a few specifics that really put it above the others. One reason that Laravel stands out over other frameworks like NodeJS, Angular and Ruby on Rails is its simple handling of http requests and responses. Many popular web frameworks require lots of configuration in order to make them run smoothly. In Laravel, however, HTTP interactions are handled by default – no need to configure anything!

When it comes to developing web applications, there are many technologies that are available. Two of these include NodeJS and Laravel. It can be tough deciding which one to choose for your project because both have their strengths and weaknesses. However, if you know what you want your final product to do, then Laravel will likely be a better fit than NodeJS.

Benefits Of The Laravel Framework

Laravel features many benefits over other popular frameworks. It has an expressive, elegant syntax that is simple and easy to learn and apply, but provides powerful functionality and performance. Code written in Laravel is typically easy to read and debug, due to its adherence to the DRY principle. Laravel also has a robust CLI tool which makes managing projects from start to finish an easier process.


Laravel may not be as secure as other PHP frameworks, but you can use strict mode to protect your code and more secure components of the framework. In addition, there are some techniques you can use to secure Laravel projects. Consider implementing role-based authentication, two-factor authentication for users and alerts when sensitive data is accessed outside of an authenticated session.

No Complex Authorization Process

No more fiddling around with session management, permissions, and tokens. We only have to provide some validation logic to make sure the authorization process doesn’t get too complex and we can keep our focus on developing features.

It’s best to rely on our business logic and make sure we don’t forget any edge cases that might lead to potential problems. If you want to develop a complex authorization process then you can always try using other security systems, but before doing so I suggest making sure that’s really necessary. Complex authorization processes are not only hard to develop but also hard to maintain, which could end up being much more expensive than expected.

Simplifies Programming

Laravel simplifies many of the tasks that web developers spend a great deal of time doing. For example, common everyday tasks like redirecting are handled by default with Laravel. This saves you from having to configure a lot of things, making it easier to code instead of spending your time tweaking code to work around inadequacies in other frameworks. The MVC pattern also helps simplify programming as models are automatically bound to views and actions are declared in one file as well.

No Complexity

When there’s no complexity, an application runs faster and more reliably. With less code to execute, applications need fewer resources like CPU, memory and bandwidth. This type of web development environment can be found with Laravel because it has a clean syntax and interface which promotes simplicity through minimalistic design principles. From novice to pro, the structure of this framework works well for developers who have never seen PHP before to those who have 15 years experience writing complicated code.

MVC support

Laravel provides an excellent MVC support in order to organize web applications and help handle logic, data, and user interaction with high efficiency. Building projects on top of a mature full-stack PHP framework like Laravel will enable developers to create better quality applications that are faster and more secure.

Eases Traffic Management

One of the coolest things about Laravel development services is how it eases traffic management. With event handling and a strategy in place to respond to an increase in traffic, you can ensure your site stays up and running no matter what kind of an onslaught comes your way. That also includes increased security threats, so as long as you’re ready to handle it, that’s not something that needs to stand in your way.

High in Popularity

Laravel development services are in high demand in today’s marketplace. That’s because PHP is a popular web language and this framework helps take advantage of its best features. A lot of programmers have already made the switch to Larest, which makes it easier to learn and use than other frameworks. Plus, you can easily scale your applications with it so they work on any size device or platform.

Improves Performance

Laravel’s performance improvements include faster PHP compilation and execution, shorter request queue wait times, increased server stability and reduced CPU load. These improvements are critical because slower response times lead to decreased customer satisfaction and ultimately failure of the company. Reducing website failures also improves SEO rankings.


Laravel makes it easy to organize your code and build robust, modern web applications. Since it only takes minutes to get up and running with a new application, you can spend more time making content your users love. With our Laravel development services, you can focus on building features, not managing servers and deployments. You don’t need us to tell you that Laravel is the best framework for web development: use it yourself to see why.

Choosing a framework is an important decision that can have a significant impact on both productivity and costs. With so many frameworks available, it’s often difficult to choose the one that will be best suited for your project. One of our top recommendations would be Laravel, as it has been specifically built for web applications using components like a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture and object-oriented programming concepts.

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