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Why EMS is Good for You?

by My30Minutes

The smaller (stabilizing) muscles and the deeper muscle layers are difficult for conventional training techniques to access. You can improve your performance on the sports field by being able to use and activate these muscles. EMS accomplishes this when combined with cardiac exercise.

A very powerful training method is EMS. By enhancing the body’s natural muscular contractions by a large amount using low- and mid-frequency electric currents. In comparison to traditional training methods, more muscle fibers are consequently engaged.

As 98% of the muscles are worked out, it is high-intensity training, as just 50% of the muscle groups can be worked out during regular workouts. The exercise is painless and can best be compared to a tingly deep tissue massage.Get in touch with EMS fitness studio Ajman

In order to make the target muscles and nerves contract, a therapeutic technique called muscle stimulation is used. These electrical impulses mimic the impact of signals sent by nerve cells in your body (neurons). By inducing repetitive muscular contractions, the therapy promotes better blood flow and the healing of strained muscles.

Electrical impulses travel through an electrode to your muscles or nerves during muscle stimulation treatments. Your healthcare professional will apply an electrode—basically a pad—to your skin above the muscles that are to be stimulated. Your muscles will contract when they pass the electrical impulse via the electrode.

Health Benefits of Muscle Stimulation:

Improves Blood Flow: Muscle stimulation has advantageous effects on blood flow in the muscles and throughout the body. As a kind of pump, the repeated cycles of muscle contraction and relaxation work. This causes an increase in the flow of blood that is rich in oxygen to these muscles and the rest of the body.

Helps to Build Muscular Strength: Muscle stimulation is beneficial for you because it can improve your muscles’ strength and power, which is another reason. Although EMS is not a replacement for exercise and appropriate training, it can unquestionably enhance your outcomes.

For example, as an athlete, you can double or even treble your outcomes with the same training program by speeding up the rate of your muscular contractions. Additionally, as your muscles remain tense for a longer period of time, muscle stimulation can aid in the development of endurance.

Athletic Training: To provide elite athletes with a competitive edge, some trainers use electrical muscle stimulation. It has been used to help athletes in a wide range of sports accelerate the muscular reaction, boost performance, and increase strength.

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