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Why do I need taxi insurance?

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Why do I need taxi insurance?

For taxi drivers taxi is not just a car or cab for them. It’s their livelihood. So that they deserve to be protected with the best insurance policy. If you are looking for the best insurance policy for your cab then taxi insurance is a very suitable option for you. if you have more than one cab then fleet insurance is cheaper, either having a separate policy for each car. Having a separate policy for each car is more expensive than fleet insurance. 

Why you need this?

Taxi insurance is the guarantee for drivers and the vehicles that they use as their taxis. There are many types of taxi insurance policies that are available in the market which is depending on your vehicle.

Taxi insurance secures you and your business against any loss, injury, and damage to your property. If you are a taxi driver, a regular car insurance policy will not be enough to protect your business. If you hire your car for a taxi business then you should have a suitable insurance policy in place of others.  

Many standard car insurance companies will not cover your loss. If you are trying to use a car that is not insured by taxi insurance. 

 This is determined by a various number of factors: 

  • Your taxi business type: whether you accept passengers from routes or sides of the road or only take those passengers who are pre-arranged. 
  • Where you operate a taxi: you should inform us that you operate your vehicle in the countryside or inner-city so that your policy can be extended to the region where you drive. 
  • Your vehicle type: you should inform that your taxi has five seats or seven seats so that company can make policy according to your vehicle type. 
  • The number of vehicles: if you are having more than one taxis then fleet insurance will probably most cheaper way to insure your all vehicles. 
  • Modified vehicles: many vehicles are modified for having wheelchair access so it is necessary to declare if your car is modified so that you and your vehicle’s pieces of equipment can be fully recovered or repaired in case of any accident.

What does taxi insurance cover? 

Taxi insurance is liable to cover you, and your insured vehicle in case of any accident or injury. That happens while working. There are many options to add more policies. If you want to add any further condition that is suitable to your needs. including:

Breakdown cover: including a separate policy, will allow you to cross a limited destination to drop your passenger at his required destination. 

Personal use cover: this additional policy will allow you to use your vehicle personally outside of work. 

24-hour claims assistance. 

Locksmith protection: this policy covers your damaged keys, including locksmith charges, and changing locks and keys. 

Repairing policy: it will recover your vehicle in case of any major accident and repair your vehicle. 

In which case usually, insurance does not cover:

Driver age: in case of any accident or damage to your vehicle. If your driver age is less than 25 then taxi insurance will not cover your claims. Because driver age is not according to the insurance company policy.  If you forget your keys inside the car you will not be recovered.  The unsafe vehicle use company did not allow using unsafe or unauthorised vehicles. 

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