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Which Ice Fishing Rod is Best for CatchingLake Trout?

Learn Which Ice Fishing Rod Catches More Lake Trout!

by aheitzmankaren
Ice Fishing Rod

Many areas withinside the US and Canada have lengthy and vicious winters and even as a few species are quite lots inactive this time of year, others will boom their pastime significantly.

Lake trout mainly is an exquisite species to goal thru the ice. Due to the dimensions and fight, this fish may be extraordinary a laugh to trap and harvest if that’s what you’re into. But what kind of rod have to you be the use of to goal this species?

The excellent ice fishing rods for lake trout are incredibly long, have a robust backbone, and offer a wonderful motion for one-of-a-kind presentations. They will come up with sufficient pressure for a robust hookset and might also be used as a lifeless stick. 

This article breaks down some key components of locating the appropriate lake trout ice rod and a few pointers for buying. 

Let`s get proper to it!

How to choose the right ice rod for jigging trout?

an ice angler holding a nice lake trout that he has caught on a jig

Lake Trout are a number of the bigger predators to be centered via the ice. Due to their size, choosing an ice rod, especially for the species may be very important. Jigging for lake trout is one of the maximum famous and fruitful methods to get hooked up. 

This powerful and laugh approach affords brilliant motion and may goal trout all alongside the water column. The three most important attributes make an amazing ice fishing rod for the job: 

  • Sensitivity
  • Strength
  • Length 


Rod sensitivity refers to how nicely you may experience a chew or the motion and vibration of your entice via your rod. 

When jigging, the sensitivity ought to be pretty mild to fish out the extra diffused bites. However, you now no longer ought to move for the maximum touchy due to the fact you continue to want a robust rod for the ones huge hooksets. 


The weight of the rod correlates with how robust it is. There are various designations starting from ultralight to heavy. Ultralight rods have lots of bends and are for smaller fish, and vice versa for the heavyweights. 

The high-quality rod electricity for lake trout is in the medium-heavy range. This offers you sufficient electricity to get the robust hooksets in and maintain them there. 


When fishing for lake trout, you furthermore might need a bit bit extra period in your ice rod. This is due to the fact you want a few leverages to combat larger and heavier fish. A strong rod period for lakers is someplace between 34 and forty-two inches. 

Many rods for smaller species can be a way shorter, so lengthening the rod can position you in a miles higher spot for a touchdown than trout. 

Remember, those are huge and really robust fish that don`t surrender easily!

Learn Which Ice Rod is the Best for Jigging Lake Trout

The Omen ice fishing rod is a tremendous preference for lakers. It`s were given the proper length, strength, and movement for jigging, and effectively touchdown large fish.

You can pick out among the subsequent rod lengths and actions:

  • 36” Medium
  • 36” Medium-Heavy
  • 42” Medium-Heavy

So, relying on your preferences, you may pick out a touch shorter or longer rod version as a way to shape your ice fishing fashion perfectly. 

But irrespective of which one you become choosing, all of those rods have notable sensitivity and an ultra-robust backbone. It`s a tremendous rod that`s simply ideal for jigging lakers via the ice!

Find the best ice reel for jig

When it involves reels, you need to choose a smaller spinning reel, as this sort of reel offers you extra flexibility to transport your jig round withinside the water column. 

Spinning reels also are fairly light, that’s a precise gain while fishing actively with the rod in your hand for lots of hours. 

The conventional and famous Pflueger President, length 20 or 25, is the proper select out to goal large fish thru the ice.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Ice Rod for Dead

a happy fisher holding a big lake trout that he has caught dead sticking a live minnow

When it involves different displays like lifeless sticking, the equal 3 variables nevertheless apply. Sensitivity, strength, and period continue to be the maximum essential elements in choosing the fine rod for the activity. 

Dead sticking is the alternative to jigging as you placed down the bait or entice and allow it to sit. When the water is cold, fish are greater lethargic. So, while the bait isn’t moving, you may get the ones finicky lake trout to commit.

Dead sticking is as a result a high-quality manner of catching fish on the ones no-strike days with the jigging rod!  


More so than with jigging, sensitivity is tremendously essential while lifeless sticking. For one thing, the stay baitfish (if you`re the usage of one) calls for a tender tip in order that it could swim round and pull the rod tip freely.

For any other thing, a tender and touchy lifeless stick will buffer the lake trout`s chunk and pull and assist preserve the hook in place.

Often, while lifeless sticking, you`re now no longer proper subsequent on your rod, and so it`ll do maximum of the preliminary activity itself! 


You must go along with a medium as opposed to a medium-heavy rod while lifeless sticking for lakers. This continues that sensitivity in thoughts and presents sufficient for an awesome hookset even as permitting the trout to take your bait without lots of resistance.  


A barely shorter ice rod withinside the variety of 26-34” is your fine select out while lifeless sticking thru the ice.

You don`t want the equal period while you`re jigging, however, you don`t need to apply a rod that`s too quick both due to the fact you continue to need to have a number of that leverage while combating the fish.

Hooked on Fishing? Check out the Best Ice Rod

Although maximum rods may be used for useless sticking, the Widow Maker Deadstick Ice Rod is a strong desire for lake trout via the ice. 

The 28-inch medium motion version is great for this form of fishing due to the fact it’s miles ultra-touchy and may select out up on the ones diffused bites. 

It is likewise a totally lower-priced ice rod that concurrently gives pinnacle-high-satisfactory and durability. Many pinnacle rods will fetch over $100, however, this one brings a comparable cost without that excessive charge tag.

Best Ice Reel for Dead Sticking Lake Trout

You can in reality keep on with the Pflueger President spinning reel version for useless sticking lakers as well! After all, you simplest need to use the reel to certainly combat and produce withinside the fish.

The simplest element you need to don’t forget right here is reel length! It will rely completely on the dimensions of your stay or useless baitfish.

If you`re the usage of your ordinary small minnows, a length 20 reel will do simply fine.

But if you`re concentrated on the ones simply massive lakers, the usage of larger deepwater residing baitfish which include suckers, ciscoes, or smelt, you would possibly need to go together with a barely larger reel length of 30 or maybe 40.

It`ll make your lifestyle a lot simpler whilst preventing a large lake trout! Also due to the fact it`ll maintain the extra line. Now that you realize what equipment to apply to goal the ones massive and exquisite difficult water lakers, all that`s left to mention is tight lines!

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