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What is the Difference Between RV Parks and RV Resorts?

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by graysonjoseph

Planning an RV trip sounds exciting. If you use this time to get away from the crowds, the stress at work, and the oppresive traffic and bustle of the city, you probably can’t wait until you get behind the wheel of your rig and drive off for another adventure. One thing you’ll need to do when you plan your itinerary is to consider your lodging options. You have several to choose from: campgrounds, RV parks, and resorts. Campgrounds are familiar to you. But RV parks and resorts sound like they’re nearly the same thing. If you’re confused, we’ve prepared a mini guide to help you. Understanding the difference between RV parks and resorts will make it easier to decide where to stay.

An RV Park: What is It?

The park is much like a campground. You get plenty of wooded areas, so you have plenty of ground to cover if you want to take a few strolls. Since an RV park is designed for RVs, you won’t have a problem parking a large motorhome or trailer. They should have more than enough space to accommodate you and your group. You could also take out a few chairs or pitch a tent since you have room in the park. Be sure to check with the park for reservations to secure a slot, especially if you plan on going in the summer when camping tourists are high. Also, RV parks are more secluded, so you get more privacy. You can also expect paved roads or those with gravel. The parking pads are also even, so they won’t be hell on your wheels.

An RV Resort: What is It?

Compared to RV parks, RV resorts offer more amenities. You can get hookups that are easy to access and where you can charge all your gadgets with ease. You also get wi-fi connection, so you can catch up with people at home or take a few moments to check on your work emails to see if there’s anything that needs your attention. Some RV resorts also offer bath houses with showers, coin laundry machines, and more. Check the amenities before you book. Ideally, the resorts also offer you spots where you can hold events. If you’re there and you want to hold a party for yourself and your friends, the RV resort is a much better choice than an RV park. You get more amenities, it’s more accessible if you’re inviting guests, and since RV resorts are typically well-maintained, well-lighted, and well-guarded, they’re safe, have plenty of spots where you can take beautiful photos with loved ones, and are accessible.

Making a Choice: Park or Resort? 

Think about what you want out of the camping trip. If you want to experience camping in the wilderness but still want to be within easy distance from others, an RV park offers you privacy and seclusion. If you want convenience and amenities, it’s better to head over to an RV resort. Whichever you choose, do your homework, and check out the park or resort thoroughly, from the costs to the security, location, and more.

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