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What is The Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Fragrances

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The industry of designer fragrances is too wide and complex. In the modern world, consumer habits are changing globally as they are shifting to the green movement. Consumers are becoming more concerned and conscious about the ingredients used in the products they apply. People are not only concerned about their own safety and wellness but also about protecting the environment.

Perfume and fragrances are made either of synthetic ingredients or natural ingredients.

Natural Fragrances

Natural fragrances are made from ingredients obtained from natural sources through traditional methods like distillation or extraction. These are commonly known as essential oils. The perfume industry is now shifting towards green fragrances. Generally, flowery and musky scents are obtained from natural ingredients. However, these naturally made fragrances do not last long and recreating them in the same fragrance is difficult even if the source and ingredients both are the same.

Natural scents are inconsistent as it is obtained from the process of harvesting scent from plants and trees and that is leading to deforestation. Extracting scent from the animal isn’t better, it is a long and painful process. Apart from that due to climate change also the state of natural scents fluctuates.

Designer Fragrances

Synthetic Fragrances

These fragrances are developed in laboratories. These are not sourced from forestry or animals, instead, they are replicated from natural accords and hence do not harm the environment. There are three types of synthetic fragrances.

Full Synthetics:

These are created to reproduce artificially natural essences or to recreate notes of creative innovation such as Marine notes, Gourmand notes or Ozonic notes etc.


As the name suggests, these types of fragrances are semi-synthetic and may be created from natural, synthetic or artificially modified notes or may be derived from all three.

Designer Perfumes

Natural Isolates:

These are extracted from flowers, woods, spices and resins etc.

Synthetic fragrance is not necessarily produced using artificial ingredients. Since the industry is evolving and so are its manufacturing processes. Today, biochemistry and green chemistry are being used to produce different aromas and these are considered more sustainable. These processes not only maximize the efficiency of the scents but also minimize the impact on the environment.

Benefits of Synthetic Fragrance

Synthetic material is beneficial due to its consistent quality, long-lasting and rich fragrance. These can be easily mass-produced in comparison to natural fragrances and are affordable. Synthetic fragrances are less volatile. Synthetic material allows perfumers to create a much wider palette of designer perfumes with unique compositions. Additionally, these are much more stable and hence easy to work.

Designer Perfumes

It is a common misconception that natural fragrance and scent is always better. However, when it comes to perfumes, this is not the case. The process followed in the production of synthetic scents is sustainable and thus is merely prone to any damage to the skin. Both natural and synthetic materials have their pros and cons. Synthetic materials, on the other hand, can produce a larger variety of scents ensuring that customers can get fragrances according to their preferences without compromising.

With the rising popularity and increasing desire for different fragrance notes, the industry is continuously evolving. Natural essences have a limitation when it comes to evolution. Whereas synthetic ingredients have no limitations to fragrance notes. However, modern perfumery is based on harmony of natural and synthetic ingredients. Both are equally important.

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