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What Is The Best Digital Marketing Institute Near Me – Helpful Answer

by Debanjan

Are you from Kolkata or near this city? Want to learn digital marketing in Kolkata? Have you any question like this, What is the best digital marketing institute near me? Then in this article you will get your answer for sure. Because, here I have shared the top 10 digital marketing courses in Kolkata. These courses will show you how to create a digital marketing firm, launch a freelance business, or use digital marketing to expand your company or organization.

Let’s get started with the top ten best digital marketing programs in Kolkata. The top 10+ most promising digital marketing schools in Kolkata are listed below, where you can study and put what you learn to use.

Best Digital Marketing Marketing Institute In Kolkata

Academy Of Digital Marketing

The Academy of Digital Marketing offers a three-month training course that includes 100% placement assistance. The digital marketing course has several levels for advanced and premium students.

The course modules cover the following 14 topics: web design, blogging SEO, Google ads, social media, Google analytics, Google tag manager, Google data studio, content marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, online retail, WhatsApp marketing, graphic design tools, freelancing, and affiliate marketing.

Get in touch with them for more information about the course’s duration and cost.

Digital Scholar

The Digital Scholar is a school that offers courses in digital marketing. It was established in September 2019 by Sorav Jain, the man behind echoVME, and his co-founder Rishi Jain. Online and classroom instruction are both available through Digital Scholar.

The course’s founder and top Instagram influencer, Sorav Jain, is one of the instructors.

40+ Digital Marketing Tools are covered in the Advanced Digital Marketing course to give you a competitive edge. Bing Ads, SemRush, Google Ad Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, YouTube Advertising, Zapier, YouTube Analytics, Mailchimp, Click Send, Click Funnels, Hunter, Flick, Canva, Copysmith, Iconosquare, Trello, Swipe Pages, Taplink, Inshot, Pabbly, and RetargetKit are a few of the tools covered in the course.

The programme includes 20 certificates, 13 or more modules, paid internships, unlimited access to the course materials, and complete placement support. To learn more about the course, continue reading. The course syllabus for Kolkata’s online digital marketing course has been changed.

Acesoftech Academy

A Digital Marketing course is offered in Kolkata by Acesoftech, an IT training facility. The institute also offers Fullstack, web development training, Angular, Python, Java, Android training, and graphic design courses. It offers corporate, classroom, and online sessions. The institute regularly updates the course modules in response to latest advancements in the area to get an advantage over the competition. Furthermore, the training offers 100 percent placement support.

NYD India

Engineer Deepak Kumar, who holds academic credentials, founded NYD India. The mission of NYD India is to deliver Quality Education, place an emphasis on skill development, offer career-oriented training, and provide employment and placement services. Advanced Digital Marketing Courses are offered in Kolkata by NYD India. The course has a six-month duration and costs INR 22,999. Both online and offline courses are available. They also offer a full-stack web development course, a specialisation in India politics, and finance and marketing courses. All of the students at the institute receive placement assistance in full.

The course consists of 40 modules, including Basic Marketing, Basic Digital Marketing, SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, E-com SEO, SEO Tools, Web Page Project, SMM and SMO, Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, Google Analytics, E-Commerce marketing, Influencer marketing, AS optimization, Affiliate marketing, Drop Shipping, Search Console, Freelancing, Content Writing, E-com Registration, Web Planning, Web Design, Basic WordPress, Website Audits, Blogging, Media Tools, Instagram marketing,

Seven Boats Info-System Pvt. Ltd

Digital Marketing training is provided by Seven Boats Info-System in Kolkata, along with assistance with job placement and internships. Debajyoti Banerjee founded and is the chief executive officer of Seven Boats Info-System. She also serves as a visiting professor of digital marketing at many B Schools in Kolkata.

The Top 50 Digital Marketing Training Providers in India, according to SiliconIndia and Digital Monster Magazine.

Since 2011, they have trained more than 52,000 students in this discipline and given their students the opportunity to work on 20 real-world case studies and projects. The course has more than 50 modules and offers more than 20 certifications upon completion.

Additionally, the Seven Boats Academy’s mobile application features free digital marketing training.

The program’s lessons address core marketing principles, digital marketing fundamentals, optimising landing pages, SEO/SXO, content marketing/inbound marketing, Google Ads, social media marketing, web analytics, and planning and building websites. local marketing, online lead generation, affiliate marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, ASO, and email marketing, among other strategies, Manage your online reputation, use Google Adsense, blog professionally, and use influencer marketing the automation of marketing QR codes, podcasting, Whatsapp marketing, voice search online safety and digital laws, Virtual reality, AI, ARMR, gaming, and integrated marketing communication system of electronic payments, tools for online marketing e-commerce listing and market place selling, digital marketing reports and suggestions, computerised advertising, a live project and an internship, grooming and personality development programmes, Online bidding, support for startups and business owners, and chatbot marketing.

Visit their website for more details on their course’s duration and cost.

Kolkata Digital Marketing Institute

In India, the Kolkata Digital Marketing Institute provides digital marketing courses. The institute has been highlighted in the Times of India, Indian Express, and ABVP. The students receive one-on-one support and help with every placement. 90% of the training sessions focus on tools and are practical.

The modules have reasonable prices and are organised around 36 basic subjects. All students have access to internship opportunities and hands-on experience working on real projects.

Digital Marketing Premium Course and Digital Marketing Advanced Course are two categories under which the KDMI digital marketing programme in Kolkata is divided.

In comparison to the Digital Marketing Premium Course, which is a 6-month classroom-training course that offers a 3-month internship, 36 modules, 16 certifications, and free website hosting, the Digital Marketing Advanced Course is a 3-month classroom-training course that offers 3 months of internship, 24 modules, and 13 certifications.

W3 WebSchool 

Long-term and short-term digital marketing courses are offered in Kolkata by W3 WebSchool, a digital marketing company. The business was founded in 2012 and offers both online and conventional classroom instruction. They provide career counselling, placement counselling, confidence and personality development, as well as 24/7 training support.

All students enrolling in the course receive 100% placement support.

The Digital Marketing Introduction module includes the following topics: Search Engine Optimization, E-commerce Marketing, Basic Website Creation & Design, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing, Copywriting, App Store Optimization, Affiliate Marketing, and Interview Preparation.

Digipepz Academy

With 100% placement help, the Academy provides a six-month training programme. The advanced and premium levels of the digital marketing course are separated.

The 14 topics covered by the course modules are: web design, blogging SEO, google ads, social media, google analytics, google tag manager, google data studio, content marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, online retail, WhatsApp marketing, graphic design tools, freelancing, and affiliate marketing.

For additional details about the length of the course and the cost, get in touch with them.

Digital Zoneway

A new digital marketing business in Kolkata is called Digital Zoneway. They offer digital marketing services and instruct prospective professionals and academics on how to use them.

Get in touch with them for more information about their course, course module, and pricing.


A digital marketing course in Kolkata is being offered by IDCM, an Indian organisation. There are 3 different types of training courses:

Digital marketing diploma course, 3-month digital marketing certification, and 1-month A-Z digital marketing course (6 months)

They offer both online and in-person instruction, and they prepare their students for the workforce by giving them real-world experience and doing mock interviews.

100% placement assistance and a three-month paid internship are provided to students who enrol in the diploma programme.

Vision Upliftment Academy

The founder of Vision Upliftment Academy, Ms. Nisha Mallick, wants to educate students about digital marketing courses while keeping costs low and the schedule flexible. In addition, courses in PPC training, social media marketing, content writing, SEO, e-commerce marketing, website design and development, and cyber security are available.

In Kolkata, there are two types of digital marketing courses. Both completion of higher secondary education and having a foundational understanding of how to use the Internet are requirements for enrolment.

NIHT Digital Marketing 

NIHT was founded in 2005, and it places a strong emphasis on modernizing its curriculum to reflect emerging trends. Three different types of digital marketing courses are offered in Kolkata by NIHT: a certificate program in digital marketing, a premier program in digital marketing, and a master’s program in digital marketing.

In order to earn their certification as Digital Marketers, students enrolling in certificate programs in digital marketing must complete 108 hours of instruction over the course of three to six months.

To become certified digital marketers with Creative talents, students enrolled in the Premium program in digital marketing must complete 172 hours of training over the course of six to ten months. This training consists of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

The 288 hours of training that comprise Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4 are completed by students enrolled in the Master’s program in digital marketing (8–14 months), enabling them to be agency ready.

They also offer short-term courses on website development, social media optimization, and search engine optimization.


The globe perceived and accepted technology during the COVID-19 epidemic. Businesses of all sizes today adapt to remote working practises and rely on technology to run and communicate with their customers. Every company should combine traditional and digital marketing to increase sales revenue.

When it comes to quickly reaching a large audience, digital marketing is the most effective form of advertising. It facilitates interaction and mutual evaluation between customers and enterprises. In the age of technology innovation and Artificial Intelligence, digital marketing is becoming popular because it has been shown to boost returns on investments.

The worldwide marketplace has become extremely competitive as a result of small and large firms engaging in digital marketing; as a result, there is an increasing demand for digital marketing agencies and professional digital marketers. Only a skilled digital marketer can recognize the demands of the company and the changing dynamics of the consumer, excite and inform customers, provide them with an engaging experience, and encourage them to promote the product or service by meeting the needs of both sides.

Now, I think you got your answer for youe question : What is the best digital marketing institute near me? But in case you are still confuse that which institute should I choose to learn digital marketing then I suggest you that you can enroll yourself in the instituted called Academy of Digital marketing. Because I know this institute is very well and completely amazing when it comes to learn digital marketing. Instructors are so professional and helpful and their teaching style is gorgeous and so intriguing that you will fell in love with this field more and more. So, I think you definitely should join this program and start your learning journey.

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