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What is the baggage allowance on delta airlines?

Delta airlines Baggage allowance

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What is the baggage allowance on delta airlines?

What is the baggage allowance on delta airlines?

Delta Airlines is renowned for the excellent service they provide to its customers’. When you fly with Delta you will never have to worry about your traveling experience getting messed up. They are one of the best ones in the Market. With flights connecting different continents, coin tries, and cities Delta has an extensive customer base. The staff at Delta has committed themselves to serving this vast customer base.

So it’s evident that everything they do has your best interest at its heart. The baggage allowance and policy of Delta airlines are also there to ensure that your journey with them remains comfortable and cozy. So when you book a flight with them or are about to do so, be sure to go thoroughly through their baggage policies to prevent any misunderstanding later on. Here is all you have to know about the question, “What is the baggage allowance on delta airlines.

Baggage allowance on delta airlines

Delta has both domestic and international flights. So as a result, the model of their aircraft also varies based on the two types of routes. Apart from that, when they fly internationally, they not only have to take responsibility for their passengers, but they also have to follow international laws. Suppose they do not do so; you will suffer in the end. So, as a result, the baggage rules and regulations are there to ensure that you don’t end up in any such messy situation. So you should follow those rules diligently.


  • If you are flying first class, you have paid much money for the ticket. So it’s evident that you will be expecting privileges, and they will not disappoint you. As a first-class passenger, you can carry two hand -luggage and one personal item.
  • However, they should be at most 45 linear inches each. The first-class cabin is spacious enough to fit your two carry-on luggage.
  • As an Economy passenger, you get the basic bag allowance: one carry-on luggage and one personal item. Your baggage should be at most 45 linear inches.


  • The carry-on baggage is supposed to go either into the overhead bin or under your seat. If your carry-on is too big for the cabin, the airline staff will check it in for free.
  • For checked-in baggage too, you, as the First class passenger, have more weight limit than the Economy passenger,
  • If you are a medallion member, you can add up to as much as extra 70 pounds to your baggage allowance.
  • If you are a military personnel, you will get special bag allowance privileges.

So now you know how much luggage you can carry as a Delta Airlines passenger. You will have to pay an extra fee for excess or overweight baggage. You can also get more baggage checked in by paying some extra bucks.

What is Delta airlines’ international baggage allowance?

The Delta Baggage policy ensures you don’t have to leave anything important behind. They will never want you to end up in any sticky situation. However, since they also have to follow international laws and company policies, they must also place some rules and regulations for you. A baggage allowance policy is critical because it is directly linked to your comfort and safety. For example, if the flight gets overweight, it can cause technical issues. So do keep these things in mind while packing your bags for a trip with them.


  • Your baggage allowance is based on the class you are traveling in since each class’s cabin is designed differently. Hence has varying storage space.
  • For Economy, you can have a maximum of one hand luggage measuring not more than 45 inches and one personal item. Your carry-on baggage has to fit in the overhead locker or the area under your seat.
  • First-class passengers can carry two hand luggage and one personal item.
  • For checked-in luggage as an Economy passenger, your luggage cannot weigh more than 50 pounds. The other classes have more weight allowance.


  • If you are military personnel, you get special baggage allowance privileges.
  • If your cabin luggage is too big or weighty to be carried in the cabin, it will get counted as checked-in baggage for free.
  • You can get more checked-in baggage if you need to by paying an extra amount,
  • If you carry a piece of fragile equipment with you, you must book an extra seat to take it in the cabin.

So Delta provides you with every possible privilege they can. As medallion members, you get many benefits and an extra bag allowance. So if you fly with Delta Airlines regularly, you can apply to become a Medallion member. However, abide by the baggage allowance rules to avoid any last-minute issues with your travel.

Delta airlines baggage allowance for international travel

If you plan to fly with Delta internationally, remember that your baggage allowance is liable to different international rules and regulations. Especially if you have overweight or excess baggage, the fee that you have to pay will depend on your route. Some routes even don’t allow passengers to carry any extra luggage. Delta Airlines has the provision of checking -in online, so in case you do need to pay an excess baggage fee, you can do it online. It will prevent you from being held -up in the mess of excess baggage and cost before boarding the plane. But since there is much variation in baggage fees because of these international laws, it’s always better to clear any doubts about it. Contact your local Delta Airlines authorities or call their customer service to do so.

Delta has built its reputation through years of good service. The highly trained staff of Delta Airlines is there to take care of your needs at every point of your journey with them. In addition, Delta takes the responsibility of making your traveling experience worth remembering when you book a ticket with them. So what are you waiting for? Book a ticket with Delta today and enjoy your journey to the fullest.

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