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What is Terps Spray and How to use it in Food?

Terps Spray

by iamrmishra
Terps Spray

Terps spray can be used effectively in food. How to use it and how much to use it are things you must know before starting out. This article gives a brief description of these things.

What is Terpene Spray?

It is a form of terpene that is available in spray format. Since the terpenes are in their pure state, only a little spray is required to enhance the flavors of food items. If you use terpenes for sleep, try using them in a hot beverage before bed.

How Should You Use Terpene Spray on Food?

Wanting to use the spray on food items may be something you are considering. Enjoy the smell and flavors of your favorite terps now in the food you eat anytime you want.

What is interesting to note is that you don’t need to have a specific recipe at all. You can use the spray in whichever dish you want or on any finished dish. This includes snack items like chips, pretzels, nuts, and popcorn as well as desserts like cake, pastries, bread, and even cookies. In fact, just prepare your favorite food and use the spray on the finished dish. And be ready to enjoy!

Let’s now look at a few points which will help make it clear to you:

  • Spray on the food you want to flavor from a distance of at least 35 to 45 cm.
  • Spray quickly and in a homogenous way so that all parts of the food get the effects of the terpenes. Avoid spraying in a way so that only a few areas are flavored.
  • After spraying, make sure to keep the food in an airtight container. This will allow for the flavors to spread in all parts of the food.
  • A lot depends on the amount of pressure you put on the spray bottle. Too much pressure can mean too much terpenes in your food.

What Safety Measures To Know About Using Terps Spray on Food

Whether you use terpenes for sleep or to get rid of anxiety, using them safely on food is necessary.

Make sure that the total weight of the terpenes used does not exceed 4% of the weight of the food they are used on. Your food will be flavored with even much less of that amount.

Use only high-quality terpenes from a reputed store on your food. You don’t want anything that is not up to the standard. Terps spray is a wonderful way of adding more flavors and aromas to food.


Can you put terpenes in food?

Terpenes are found in a wide range of fruits and plants, and they are in cooking and baking as well. In addition, certain terpenes complement specific foods. Limonene, for example, would be an excellent terpene to use in spicy and sweet dishes like strawberry shortcake, key lime pie, or Caesar salad.

Why are terpenes important in food?

Terpenes in food improve the flavor while also increasing the nutritional value and therapeutic benefits. They are mainly used as flavoring agents or for their aromatic qualities. They are added to many foods and beverage products to enhance their natural attributes.

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