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What is IVF?

by sana javeed

What is IVF?

IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation) is an assisted reproductive technique (ART) that is used to aid infertile couples medically in achieving parenthood. The word “in-vitro” literally means “in glass fertilization” as, earlier fertilization used to take place in glass containers, tubes, etc., whereas now the procedure takes place in Petri dishes. In vitro is used in contrast to “in-vivo” which means fertilization that takes place within the organism.

What is the procedure of IVF?

IVF consists of a series of steps. One cycle of IVF usually takes two to three weeks to complete however, sometimes additional time can be taken depending upon the tests recommended. Conventional IVF consists of the following steps:

  1. Super-ovulation in which the woman’s body is stimulated to produce eggs more than usually produce in a month.
  2. Extraction of matured eggs from female’s body and sperm from male’s body.
  3. Combining retrieved eggs with sperm in the laboratory under optimum conditions in a culture medium for the purpose of fertilization.
  4. When the fertilized eggs are developed into embryos, they are transferred back to the female’s uterus in order for her to conceive.

Is IVF treatment available in Pakistan?

IVF Pakistan was introduced in 1984. The rising number of infertility issues has paved a way for IVF Pakistan to become a success. A number of IVF clinics have been established in the country. IVF is the most common and known treatment of infertility. In the beginning, IVF Pakistan was subjected to a number of ethical and religious concerns but the judgment of the Federal Shariat Court has put an end to this discussion by holding that.

IVF is not prohibited if the sperm and eggs used are of couples who are legally married. Using donor eggs and sperm is however prohibited including surrogacy. This was further cleared by the fact that no one donates their eggs or sperm samples in Pakistan therefore, no question can be raised as such.

A large number of infertility clinics are offering IVF treatment in Pakistan. This has made it difficult for the couples shopping for IVF to choose the best IVF center in Pakistan for themselves. Australian Concept IVF Clinic was established in 1998 when there were only three other IVF clinics present in the country.

Our first IVF clinic was opened in Karachi. We brought the latest technology and facilities for infertility treatment and contributed greatly to the success of IVF Pakistan. Our Karachi IVF Clinic contains excellent IVF facilities with in-built laboratories. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced infertility specialists equipped with highly advanced technology.

Besides, our success rate is the highest in the city making us the best IVF center in Karachi. Providing our patients with quality and desired results is our priority. We have an experience of over 25 years in this field therefore, your physical and emotional well-being is our topmost concern. We leave no stone unturned in aiding you to achieve stable and sustainable pregnancy.

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