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What is IVF?

by sana javeed

IVF Success Stories

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilisation, IVF, is an assisted reproductive technique used, to help people struggling to conceive, in achieving pregnancy.

What is the procedure of IVF?

IVF involves a set of complicated stages. Each step needs to be performed with utmost care to achieve successful results. Multiple eggs are retrieved from the uterus. They are combined with the sperm in a culture medium where they are fertilised by it. Once the eggs are fertilised and developed into embryos,  the healthiest ones are transplanted back to the uterus in the hope to achieve pregnancy.

Is IVF always successful?

IVF, like any other medical treatment, does not guarantee 100% successful results. However, it is successful almost 50% of the times. The couples undergoing this treatment have to be patient and firm. While going through it, people feel all kind of emotions which are mostly negative such as whether it will be successful or not.

During this time, it is preferred for such couples to go through some IVF success stories to help you have faith and stay positive during the treatment. Therefore, Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic documents its IVF success stories to help couples during their most stressful times.

One such is the story of a couple who have had faced two failed attempts of IVF at a different clinic. They were referred to visit us through a friend. Our team of specialists at Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic started their diagnosis to determine the root cause of their infertility. Turned out it was due to the poor egg quality.

Therefore, we recommended them to go for IVF combined with ICSI to which they agreed. Their first attempt at it was successful and today she is eight months pregnant. We all are looking forward to welcome the child in this world.

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