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What is IPTV? How to Monetize Your IPTV Channel?

by kalyani
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Today streaming has become one of the most popular services in the world and going to become a big thing in the field of streaming. According to a report in 2020, the Overall market value of IPTV was estimated at $72.4 billion. These numbers are anticipated to increase even further to nearly $194.21 billion by 2026. This means an 18% increase per year during 2021-2026.

What is IPTV? Types of IPTV Services?

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IPTV can be explained as the channel communicating TV content & video programming with the viewers through the internet. It follows a procedure the same as usual television programming content is delivered over IP networks. Its scope is much broader than traditional broadcasting and is also implemented in subscriber-based telecommunication networks. But the main difference between traditional broadcasting and IPTV is that people continuously unlike traditional cable television.

What is the Type of IPTV Services?

There are multiple types of IPTV services that you can choose from. The most popular ones are mentioned below:

1. Live Broadcast 

These are similar to the live award shows or cricket matches that you watch on your smart TV. In this case the internet in used place of the coaxial cable. Platforms like Sling TV, Hulu Live TV, and Fox Sports go, had made this possible. 

2. Video on Demand (VOD)

This term is self-explanatory. The major streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney, the newest streaming platform to join the competition, These are all examples of Video on Demand. They all follow a subscriber-based model.  These are considered the most widely recognized forms of IPTV services.

3. Time Shifted TV 

Is it rewind time? Maybe the line is matching with Time Shifted TV? Yes. It does.  Suppose you had missed the live telecast of the kabaddi match of your favorite team.  What will you do in this situation? Well, it’s time for time-shifted Tv. however, it has a limited lifespan. Maybe it would sound just like VOD, but in VOD your content is always available on platforms like Netflix and Hula. Time Shifted Tv allows the customers to save their data and keep it. 

4. TV on Demand

It is also known as TVoD. In this type, you have to pay for each show or movie you had watched. But in it, you can pay only for each episode you are interested in or for the whole season. Google play store and Apple iTunes are the two most famous examples that use the TV on Demand service of IPTV.

5. Near Video on Demand

It follows the PPV model. In order to get access, you have to pay for each tv show or movie you want to access. These shows are movies are all scheduled on their allocated time. All the content broadcasted on NVOD channels has a fixed schedule. Once the schedule ends, old content is removed and new content is added in place of it.

How to Start your IPTV Business & Top Ways to Monetize your IPTV Channel?

IPTV was once reserved for companies having unlimited bank accounts and resources but today anyone can open an IPTV channel. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube provide many ways to monetize your channel. Investing in IPTV infrastructure can help you to reach the tens of billions of dollars. Here we’re talking about the top ways to monetize our IPTV channel.

1. Advertising 

Advertising is the most used and most important way of monetizing your content if you want to make money by uploading video content online.  There are a variety of options when you talk about advertising.

2. Yu me – pre-roll ads 

If you have watched several videos online. You may have noticed short video commercials within the content. Ads can be easily added  to your videos so that you earn a good amount of revenue through your followers.

3. Video ads

Much like standard television IPTV offers you to add video commercials in between your content.

4. Pay per View

The PPV service is used for high-value data such as movies. To view over a particular period the customer buys the right to view an exact part of the content. You can schedule a live session if you have a large  number of fans and charge your viewers handsome amount of money for watching your videos.

5. Video-on-Demand

If you are no longer able to generate money from your recorded event. Another very easy and good way of earning money from your uploaded content is video-on-demand. Some people just watch the video ad very late after its release. You can charge for watching this video. Imagine not only while on time of release. But also after a long time ago, you will still get money.

6. Monthly Subscription

Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu proved that monthly subscriptions are a huge hit. If you have a huge fan following and you are uploading videos regularly, then why don’t you start your monthly plan? Viewers should have to pay some amount for one month of access to your videos. 

7. WordPress Shopping Cart

With each account, you will get free access to WordPress. Therefore without having much knowledge of website building you can get a well-maintained website too. Using the shopping cart feature of the website you can easily earn a very good income by selling products of your interests through a shopping cart.

8. Google Ad Sense

It is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google network of content sites, serve images, texts, video or interactive media advertisements. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google that is targeted to the site content and audience.

It is the most trusted and the largest way of monetizing any website. Based on your site’s visitors and other activities Ad sense matches ads to their site.

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