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Optimizing website images is a method of delivering the top notch pictures in the proper format, dimension, size, and resolution at the same time as keeping the smallest feasible size. They say, “A photo is worth 1000 words”, that’s absolutely true. We like to engage with visuals instead of words. The significance of pictures on e-commerce, travel, and media websites has been growing over the time. According to HTTP Archive, on an average, around 64% of a website’s weight is comprised of pictures. If we’re able to reduce the dimensions of those pictures without decreasing the photo quality, then it’ll have a right away and nice effect on web page load speeds and user-experience of site visitors on your web sites.

As per Gomez and akamai.com, 1/2 of the customers love websites which load in much less than 2 seconds. If the web page takes extra than three seconds to load nearly 40% of site visitors have a tendency to leave that site, hence growing the bounce rate. Image optimization is the most effective solution for this problem.


Optimizing web pictures is a method of delivering the top notch pictures in the proper format, dimension, size, and resolution at the same time as keeping the smallest feasible size.

Image optimization can be completed in unique ways, be it through resizing the pictures, caching, or through compressing the size. Enter ImageKit, an intelligent Image Optimization tool, which optimizes pictures the use of a smart compression algorithm. Combined with a worldwide content delivery network (CDN) for quicker delivery, it is able to enhance your internet site overall performance significantly.


The significance of pictures in connecting customers to your products has been proven. If your internet site takes extra than three seconds to load, customers are much more likely to abandon it, which will drastically boom your bounce rate, and sooner or later have an effect on your conversions.


Here are the answers – Image optimization allows in enhancing web page load speed, boosts web sites’ search engine optimization ranking, and improves consumer experience.

Let’s examine the significance of optimizing internet photos in detail:


Page load speed is the amount of time taken through an internet web page to load completely. It relies upon on many elements starting from your internet site host to internet site format and design. The web sites having much less than 2 seconds load speed are maximum loved through its customers. So, in case you are optimizing 64% of your internet site’s weight, which is pictures, you will be enhancing your internet site velocity.

This gives your internet site traffic a faster experience, as a result extra customers might have interaction with your product and services. There are many tools which permit you to in analyzing your web page load speed which includes Google’s PageSpeed Insights, Web Page Test, and ImageKit’s Website Analyzer, which will come up with entire insights about your internet web page.

Yes, in 2010, it became clear to every person that web page load pace is a ranking factor. Google doesn’t love gradual web sites similar to its customers. Marketing Leaders including Moz and SEMrush have additionally posted their insights about web page load pace.

Google rolled out this update in the year 2010 in its Webmasters Blog which reads, “Like us, our customers place lots of cost in pace, that’s why we have decided to take web page pace into consideration in our search rankings.” So, it’s clear that the quicker web sites rank higher in the seek results compared to slower ones.

Every virtual marketer is aware the significance of search ranking in today’s world. Who doesn’t need to get the pinnacle rankings for its internet site pages? And one of the elements for this is the load pace of your net web page. Thus, picture optimization holds an excellent importance here.


So, in case your search ranking improves, it means you may capture more customers and probable get extra conversions. Page load pace is without delay related to search engine optimization ranking and conversions.

There has been a variety of research through advertising and marketing leaders, consisting of Kissmetrics, Moz, etc., about the connection among conversions and web page load pace. According to Kissmetrics, 79% of consumers who aren’t happy with the net web page pace or overall performance do not purchase from the same website again.


A satisfied patron isn’t always a myth, actually not for those web sites that are offering a fantastic consumer experience. And it could be your internet site too. All you want to do is optimize your internet site photos, enhance your web page load pace, and thus, offering a higher average consumer experience. If your web page is loading fast on all devices, a consumer will spend extra time there.

It has been said in lots of research that customers are much more likely to depart those web sites that are slow. The internet pages which load in 2.four seconds experience 24% bounce rate. Your web page load pace additionally will increase the returning rate, which means a patron who’s getting a quicker experience on your website could probable purchase from you again. Therefore, user satisfaction and happiness additionally depend upon web page load pace, which may be improved by optimizing internet photos.

In this virtual world, each element associated with your internet site overall performance matters. And the expectancies of site visitors are most effective going to increase with time.

One cannot forget about the blessings of optimizing photos. These blessings aren’t restricted to the web page load pace and search engine optimization ranking only. Image optimization is capable of boosting up your conversion and sales numbers.

With ImageKit’s intelligent real-time image compression and resizing, along with built-in worldwide CDN, you may without problems optimize photos on your internet site or app. Sign up for the free plan now and deliver an excellent visual experience on your internet site.

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