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What is an IB Program, and What Does it Do?

by Aslam Ali

Students who achieve a lot and are preparing for high school have many options and opportunities to push their education further. As a parent, you need to know what programs are available that can help your child.

One such program is an IB program, also called an International Baccalaureate program. This is a rigorous two-year program that results in the personal and academic development of your child. In this article, you will know more about the IB program and if it is a good option for your child.


What is the International Baccalaureate or IB Program? 

The International Baccalaureate or IB program is a worldwide, nonprofit education program that is founded to provide all the students with the opportunity to receive education fit in today’s world. There are four IB programs, all of which are meant to help develop students intellectually and emotionally and improve their social skills.

Apart from students in the top primary school, high school students also need to be concerned with the IB Diploma Program and Career-Related Program, which has six subjects. 


Which Students Are Eligible for an IB Program in the Top Primary or High School?

Parents need to know that the main mission of an IB program is to offer education to all the students. Your child can opt for the PYP program (Primary Years Program) or MYP (Middle Years Program). If your child is a high school student aged between 16 and 19, they can apply for the IBDP diploma program.There are no other restrictions in the IB program.

Some schools may need a GPA, and many schools have limited spots in their programs; this indicates that the application process can be competitive. Your child needs to check with their school counselors to know the program’s specific requirements.


How Can Your Child Become an International Baccalaureate Student?

If your child studies in the top primary school and is interested in joining the IB program, the application needs to be completed within a certain deadline. The deadline can be found on their IB school website or through school counselors. 

The applications may need teacher recommendation letters, essays, writing samples, grade reports or a personal statement. Your child may also need to live within a certain distance from the school that is offering the IB program.


What is the Difference between the Career-Related Program and the Diploma Program?

The CP can be similar to a vocational college program, allowing your child and other students studying in the top primary school to gain professional skills. CP students are exposed to various difficulties of academic programs, and they gain theoretical knowledge of the program by undergoing two DP courses.

Your child will also take a set of core classes related to the CP and career-specific classes. You or your child can look at official websites to learn more about CP and the various requirements and assessments associated with it.


Bottom Line

If you want your child to improve themselves academically, then you need to opt for the IB program. This two-year program can help your child to improve personally and academically in their studies. They will receive the best education that is fit for any part of the world.

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