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What Do You Do When Your Battery Is Completely Dead? Let’s Find Out

by mikejamieson

You may procrastinate on different things, but when it comes to a car, there are consequences. When there is a talk about your battery, it may take its last breath at some point of time in its lifetime. In the final stages of a battery’s lifespan, it is important to pay attention.

However, a procrastination approach definitely does not go well with the battery, as you won’t like to strand on a road. But how do you find out that a battery is running low before it stops?

Assuming a battery will last three to five years, problems may begin to arise around the third year. However, a dead battery may not necessarily be the result of ageing; there may be many other factors at play. You can update on the various hints about dead battery.

Are you experiencing the starting trouble overnight?

When you discover that your morning start-ups are failing, you need a jump start. Later in the day, the battery typically continues to function properly.The thing that needs to be replaced is your battery.

However, a parasitic drain could affect the battery. Finding the cause of the drain is the only way to resolve the issue apart from a battery need to be replaced.

This kind of issue can also arise during extremely cold weather because lead-acid batteries are less able to store and deliver power at such low temperatures.

This is normal instance when you are in hurry and leave your car outside the garage in the night and your car does not response without jump start while you would be able to start your car if it is parked whole day.

No Lights Along With Failed Starting

Since a battery is required to power several accessories, particularly when an alternator is not running, such as lights or a music system. But a dead battery might be unable to power the accessories.

It’s not difficult to diagnose this issue, and it serves as a further cue that your battery is to blame.Therefore, your battery is the first thing you should check if your car simply appears to be completely devoid of any signs of life.

Furthermore, this is not entirely a dead battery as it could be a malfunctioning alternator. A bad alternator cannot be expected to provide proper charging to a battery. Therefore, it is wise to look for inspection of alternator before going for car battery replacement.

If the car won’t crank or start but the headlights do, that might point to a more interesting issue, like a starter issue or an engine mechanical issue.

Is It An Intermittent Starting For Your Car?

What does intermittent starting mean? It is as simple as your car starts well one day while it may have issue next day and so on.

It refers the issue of connection at the battery terminal, as they might be broken, corroded, etc. Moreover, there might be an accessory that should stop working at night but it does not tired due to any underlying issue while making a weak battery out of charge entirely.

Sometimes you should inspect the battery cable while it emerges as the major culprit behind such hiccups.

This kind of issue can also be brought on by other problems, such as cables and battery terminals that are corroded or loose. Getting rid of the parasitic draw, cleaning and tightening the battery connections, and then fully charging the battery are the fixes in any case.

Is it possible to recharge a dead battery?

You can recharge a dead battery as there are solutions available. First, you can make use of jump start a vehicle and drive it long enough so the alternator can get enough time to do its jobs properly.

A car battery usually carries a 12V while it goes well below when it is fully discharged.

How Do You Know That A Battery Is Discharged Completely Based On Voltage?

However, a question might arise in your mind the how do you assess a battery is completely dead based on the current voltage.

As a car battery usually carries 12 V while a fully discharged battery possesses less than 12V. If battery voltages drop less than 10.5V, it is considered as permanently damaged.

In addition, if the battery is left uncharged, the lead sulphate eventually crystallises into hardened rock that is resistant to alternator current and conventional battery chargers.

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