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What Can I Extract From Google Maps With A Scraper?

How To Extract Data From Google Maps?

by usmanabbasi99
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What Can You Extract With A Google Maps Scraper?

The Google Maps Scraper will provide you with a detailed report about the related keyword you have searched for on Google Maps. For instance, if you have entered “Electrician Shops” into the search bar all the electrician shops’ contact details will be extracted from Google Maps.

You will get the following data from Google Maps in an Excel or CSV file with this Google Maps Crawler software.

Name and Address

You will get the name of that particular user business that is present on Google Maps. It also provides the full address of the business.

Business Contact Details

You can extract contact details such as email address, phone number, and fax number from Google Maps business listings. You will get the contact information of the business from Google Maps so if you need to talk to them you have the business phone number and email address in your hand.

Social media Profiles

If any social media profile is present on Google Maps company profiles then you will get the URLs from the business profile by using this Google Maps listings scraper.

Ratings & Reviews

You can also extract the ratings and reviews of customers and businesses from the Google Maps business profile by using this Google Maps business extractor. In this way, you can improve your products or services according to customer demand.

Scrape Latitude & Longitude

Google Maps Contact Extractor can extract latitude and longitude from a business listing with a business scraper. Furthermore, you can scrape business-established data, images, descriptions, and much more from a business listing with this tool.

How To Use The Google Maps Lead Extractor?

As mentioned earlier Google Maps Email Extractor offers a user-friendly and straightforward process to get and use it. You don’t need to be a skilled person to scrap data from Google Maps. It will hardly take 1 minute to complete the whole process after getting the Google Maps lead generation tool.

After installation of the Google Maps Data Extractor on your computer. Let’s find out how to extract data from Google Maps to excel effortlessly through the Google Maps Scraper:

1. Open Google Maps and click on the software icon present in the toolbar. After opening it will take you to the website of Google Maps.

2. Click on the top search menu and enter the related word you want to search for and hit the searching button in order to extract data from Google Maps.

3. A pop-up window will open, click on the “Start Extraction” option, and soon after the Google Maps, the data extraction process will initiate.

4. Wait for a few minutes until the Google Maps Scraping is completed and then hit the “Export Data” option and the CSV file will be downloaded on your device.

6 Best Reasons To Use The Google Maps Extractor

There are a lot of reasons describing why there is a need to extract information from Google Maps by using Google Maps Crawler. Some of them are:

1.            You may need to build your business database which includes all the essential contact details.

2.            You can use a Google Maps Extractor to keep records of your competitors in one sheet.

3.            If you need to collect different types of information securely from Google Maps then you can use this. For instance, you need the emails and phone numbers of marketers present in a particular area.

4.            If you have moved into a new area then by using Google Maps Data miner you can know more about the area and its places.

5.            A sales department can get help by using the Google Maps Data Extractor where they can find phone numbers and email addresses for marketing.

6.            It allows you to export data from Google Maps to Excel, CSV, and Text files.


A Google Maps Scraper is a very helpful software for scraping information from Google Maps about businesses of specific types and locations. Google Maps Extractor is a simple, fast, and efficient desktop application that lets you dig out essential information free of cost for 3 days.

See How To Use The Software?

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