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What Are the Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring?

by sameddy99

Online tutoring does have some advantages in framing the career of students in the right way. Parents often require professional aid for their child to develop their interests in the right way. Online classes and online exams have lately become one of the most preferred modes of gaining knowledge and education. The post-covid phase, when people were restricted to step out of their homes, unless extremely necessary, has given rise to the system of online education.

Although the administration, teachers, and students did face a lot of hardships, once they became adept to the digital world, things became easier and more manageable. There are advantages as well as disadvantages to online education. For instance, a class comprises many students, and sometimes the number exceeds the teacher’s capacity. This leads to taking more time and work for teachers to pay equal attention to each student.

Therefore, it becomes challenging both from the perspective of parents and educators to handle many students at the same time. These days, with the advancement of technology, private tuition classes are all over the digital platform. Digital classes and online tutoring have become the new normal, now. Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of online tutoring through this article today. We shall highlight some positives and negatives of online tutoring that will help you get a deeper insight into how it affects the lives of students and teachers as well in positive and negative ways.

Advantages of Online TuitionWhat Are the Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring in UAE

Online tutoring is easy and convenient.

Online tutoring is the best solution to all forms of educational problems for students dealing with any education level. Students who are comfortable with using computers and the internet can quickly attend online tuition from the comfort of their homes.

Online tutoring is cost-effective.

Digital classes can save time and money on commuting and can also be cheaper than face-to-face tuition. Many students are unable to attend classes because of the distance and money they have to spend moving from one place to another. However, online classes have helped in bridging the gap between education and other significant barriers.

Students can access their lessons anytime anywhere

Specific software platforms let the students record, access, and save information according to their convenience for reference later. They can also record an entire lesson and keep it on their device for future use. Online education has all the necessary tools for making the class interactive. From introducing audiovisuals to other significant tools that can make learning easy, online tutoring has it all!

It is safe and reliable

For many parents, especially those having children who are at the pre-primary or primary level, online tutoring is one of the best ways of imparting education. Working parents, especially, parents can rely on teachers and let their children spend significant time with their tutors. Child safety is one of the best advantages of online tutoring apart from anything else.

Online tutoring removes communication barriers for teachers

For teachers, with online tutoring, the place is not a barrier anymore. A student can be in another region while his student can enjoy classes from a different region. It helps remove communication barriers for both parties. With a strong internet connection and a finely working computer, both students and teachers can connect in the blink of an eye.

Online tutoring is value for money

Private tuition these days has become way more expensive than it used to be before. Apart from the tuition fees, students have to spend some bucks commuting to and fro. Tutors also demand advance payment. All these add up to a high lump sum, making tuition fees expensive. However, with online tutoring, you can find the best teachers from different regions, evaluate their teaching styles and make decisions per your choice. Also, you don’t need to travel anywhere to get online tutoring.

You can learn the best of everything from the comfort of your home. This saves travel expenses and serves as a value for money. Hence, these are some of the positive sides of online tutoring. However, since, every coin has two sides, online tutoring to has some negative sides. Let’s discuss some of the negative sides of online tutoring.

Online tutoring is highly beneficial for college or university students

Many websites have recently emerged as a saviour for many college and university students. With a lot of information to learn and remember, students often get confused with their chapters. The availability of instructors isn’t possible at any time. Also, professors often leave after taking their sessions in colleges that don’t allow students to get much help from them. Hence, they can avail the facility of online tutoring when they are stuck with a question or chapter during their homework or assignments.

Many websites also provide online assignment help to students through expert-guided sessions. This helps students easily finish their academic assignments on time and achieve their academic goals. Students can also opt for quick online sessions before their examination to improve their understanding and revise their lessons.

Disadvantages of Online Tutoring

Technical Error may hamper the free flow of classes

A poor internet connection or technical error in your system may lead to distraction and disturbance. It can lead to losing connection and focus from studies. This is one of the disadvantages of online education. The poor connection error can lead to losing interest in students, and they may be unable to focus on the sessions. Besides, buffering and audio problems can lead them to miss out on the important information taught by their tutors.

Online tutoring is not always favourable for small children

There are many challenges with online tutoring when it comes to kindergarten students. Teachers may not have control over them, and children may not pay attention to the teacher and also leave the class in between. It becomes difficult to handle and manage kids in online classes. They seldom listen to their teachers attentively and carry out the activities their teachers ask them to do.

Online tutoring can lead to social isolation

Prolonged exposure to technology and online platforms can make you feel socially isolated. The lack of interaction, contemplation, and remoteness are some of the side effects of e-learning. Students can face mental health issues, anxiety, or even depression due to social isolation. Teachers must monitor such tendencies in students and create a more interactive environment for students. While as a student, you must maintain harmony between the online and offline world. Meet friends, and socialize with people after spending long hours in the virtual world.

ConclusionWhat Are the Pros and Cons of Online Tutoring in UAE

Although online tutoring has gained huge popularity in the last few years, you may have also come across incidents that prove why it isn’t always good for the overall development and growth of children. While online education has bridged the gap between learning barriers and easy access to education, it has also led to poor skill development in children. Students can also get  online assignment help through guided sessions online.

Having dealt with both aspects of online education, we’d conclude that it all depends on the learners and how they maintain a balance in their life. It can be highly effective for some, while others may still struggle with their learning while attending an online session with teachers.

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