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What are Progressive Web Apps, And Are They Worth It?

by emilywhite784
Progressive Web Apps

Mobile apps are essential tools to reach a larger audience. But the challenge that comes with them is providing a great user experience.

A PWA or Progressive Web App is a website designed to run on mobile devices with similar capabilities to native apps. In simple terms, it is a modern technology that delivers an app-like experience to mobile web browsers.

PWAs can be accessed from a mobile app browser or downloaded on the home screen. They can also be used offline and can load quickly, just like native apps. These apps offer a quick response to the user’s action and are recognized by search engines. Progressive Web Apps eliminate friction by giving users quick, secure, and reliable access to the information they need.

The question is, are they worth it? Yes, they are. In today’s competitive world, offering a seamless mobile experience is essential. Let’s discuss the reasons for considering PWA development services.

Why Should You Consider Progressive Web Apps?

A PWA offers a better user experience, therefore, when a user visits you, it keeps them engaged for a more extended period. These are also compatible with desktop browsers. Investing in PWAs is worth your time and money as it makes your business future-ready. Let’s further discuss how:

  • Indexed by Search Engines

One of the most significant issues with native apps is downloadable software that cannot be indexed in search engines like a website. Studies show that buyers look for products on search engines before purchasing. Hence, unlike native apps, PWAs can be accessible through URLs and can be found in search engines.

Furthermore, you can optimize your app for fast, engaging, SEO-friendly PWAs with PWAs development services to rank higher on SERPs. Thus, you gain more web traffic and popularity while offering your users all the benefits of a dedicated app.

  • Speed and Performance

Based on a survey, a user switches to other websites if a website does not load in 3 seconds. As PWAs cache static assets locally and retrieve data through service workers, the app shell itself loads within milliseconds, even without the internet. Nevertheless, the user must first connect to the internet before accessing any new data.

A Progressive Web App development company can build a PWA with elegant UI to ensure the highest level of web app speed and performance.

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  • Security

Users provide their personal and financial information, such as contact, email, banking details, etc., while using your PWAs. Therefore, it is essential to protect their data from security breaches.

As Progressive Web Apps are served over HTTPS connections, they help prevent breaches and build trust in brands. PWA development companies can make PWAs with enhanced security.

  • Easy Installation

PWAs are distributed via URLs instead of app stores like a native app. It makes PWAs easy to install on a device and acquires more users. Additionally, it is lightweight and takes lesser space on the installed device.

  • Push Notifications

Since PWAs support app-like features, they can send push notifications, which is crucial for customer engagement. You can use custom notifications to build relationships and increase user engagement with push notifications.

Final Words!

Progressive Web Apps are worth the investment due to the platform’s benefits. It offers benefits such as offline access, responsiveness, browser compatibility, etc., including those mentioned above. Businesses can leverage the latest frameworks and technologies with PWA development companies to deliver bespoke solutions.

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