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Users Queries: Connection Pipe in India

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Users Queries Connection Pipe in India

What are connection pipes?

Connection pipes are long tubular plumbing fittings that are used to transport of supply water from one source to an appliance of a fixture/fitting that requires water to function or perform. These connection pipes are the basic bathroom allied team or installation accessories that are common to all bathrooms and spaces.

Where are they used in homes?

Every home needs a connection pipe to connect the supply of water to home appliances including kitchen sinks, bathrooms and toilets, geysers, dishwashers, washing machines and more.

What material is a connection pipe made of?

Connection pipes are manufactured in multiple raw materials as per the demand and the place of installation. They are manufactured in 304-Grade stainless steel which is anti-corrosive and rust resistant, in PTMT which is a premium grade plastic polymer that has high endurance for extreme temperatures and even PVC, which is another great and compatible plastic polymer used to manufacture multiple bathroom fittings and does not rot, peel, chip or dent.

Are connection pipes suitable for hot geyser water?

Yes. Connection pipes made up of PTMT and stainless steel are specially designed for connecting geysers with the main source of water supply. These connection pipes can endure the extreme temperature of heated water and do not melt, deform, lose their shape or discolour while the hot water flows through them. This is the reason why you will find PTMT pipes or braided stainless steel pipes connected to your geysers.

Are PTMT material connection pipes good for water flow?

Yes, PTMT Connection pipes have smooth and strong interiors that allow a flawless flow of water within the pipe. PTMT material also resists limescale deposition due to hard water, therefore the connection pipes rarely have blockages or leakages.

Is there any rusting issue, if I use stainless steel connection pipe?

No. Pipes manufactured in 304-Grade stainless steel are said to resist corrosion and rusting due to exposure to hard water and moisture. This top-quality stainless steel has about 8% nickel content and it is proven that the more the nickel content in a substance, it decreases the chances of rusting. So, if you are using stainless steel connecting pipes in your bathrooms and kitchens, they are less likely to corrode or rust. However, it is crucial to make sure that you buy the best quality stainless steel connection pipes. Brands like Ruhe, Jaquar, and Hindware have a good and trustable collection of connection pipes.

Which company manufactures top-quality connection pipes?

Ruhe is one of the leading manufacturing brands in India that is known for producing the best kitchen and bathroom fittings with premium quality raw materials. Their products are recognized and certified by the ISI and have a great and long-lasting warranty. Ruhe Connection pipes are the best for bathroom geyser use and washbasins.

Is online shopping for bathroom fittings safe?

Yes. These days where you can get everything delivered at home starting from your groceries, to gadgets to big appliances and small and necessary bathroom fittings like connection pipes are absolutely safe to buy online. Many websites like Ruhe offer deals and discounts throughout seasons for you to avail.

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