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Unexpected Travel Expenses and Ways to Avoid Them

by MooreMiya
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This may be the essential law of travel: No matter where you go or how you get there, you will spend more on your daily expenses than you would at home. This is an acceptable price for anyone who travels to enjoy the benefits of a vacation. However, it happens almost every time – we plan our travel expenses, daily budget, accommodation, and airfare prices; still, then something unexpected happens, and we end up paying way more than we expected. This is why we decided to discuss the five most unexpected travel expenses in this article and teach you some ways not to let them ruin your well-deserved holidays.


5 Unexpected Travel Expenses You Might Encounter When on Vacations

No one likes to spend more money, even on the things they enjoy. Every penny saved can be used to enhance an experience. You will want to get the most out of every penny when traveling on a tight budget. It’s not worth throwing away money when it can be used for something more, such as a holiday later in the year or a flight upgrade.


Overweight Luggage

Yes. We all have been there. In front of the check-in desks, trying to analyze what we want to bring with us and what we want to leave from our luggage. Airlines have been charging fees for excess baggage since the beginning. This policy is reasonable. A plane carrying extra weight or bulky bags will burn more fuel, making it more costly to fly, overpacking tourists for the same distance as light-traveling businesspeople.

However, budget-conscious travelers are still in luck. This expense is relatively simple to avoid on many trips. Carry-on luggage is bags that fit in the overhead bins of the cabin or under the seats. Most airlines don’t charge this. You can provide everything you need in one or two carry-on bags and avoid the baggage claim fee. Before you start packing, make sure you compare the dimensions of your bag to the measurements on the airline’s website. This will help you avoid the baggage fee at the airport.


Accommodation Charges

You choose a room that suits your needs and spends time there, but then you discover that there were additional cleaning and service fees. By carefully reading the details about the room, including service, cleaning and city taxes, can help you to avoid such unexpected travel expenses.

Pay only a little if you are booking the room online. Make sure you read all fees. You can also check the attached prices if you pay offline.


Currency Exchange Fees

We’ve all done it. You have everything planned out for your vacation. But then, the day before you leave, you realize you don’t have any foreign currency. You will often have to pay high fees and poor exchange rates when changing money at the airport. It can be more costly to withdraw cash from an ATM abroad using your daily card.

All foreign exchanges charge fees, but many offer lower rates and costs. To find the best money changers near you, do some research online. Consider debit cards that allow you to withdraw money abroad without fees. These cards will allow you to be more flexible and eliminate the need for cash, but you still have to pay ATM fees.


Roaming Charges

You love staying connected to your family no matter where you are. Updating your Insta and FB regularly with your travel stories is essential. This requires an internet connection, even while you’re traveling.

To avoid costly bills, turn off roaming and cellular data on your phone. Instead, connect to Wi-Fi whenever you can. You may prefer to purchase a new sim at your destination. You can quickly get a local number, text, call, and use cellular data. You will probably pay less for plans than if you buy an international plan through your current service provider.


Visa on Arrival Charges

Many countries require that you obtain your visa before you travel (for ex: ETIAS visa waiver for the EU/Schengen area). However, there are countries where you need to purchase a ticket at customs, and in some cases, it might be a pretty incredible experience. This is a problem you cannot avoid, just like departure taxes.

Pre-planning can help ensure you have enough money to cover any visas or border crossings you may need during your trip. It doesn’t matter how much it costs; it is worth researching tickets in advance. If you need the proper documents, you must travel back and forth to the Embassy. This can cause stress, inconvenience, and loss of vacation time.



Going on an exciting adventure is a great thing to do. You get to explore new places and have the opportunity to experience unique experiences. Even the most well-planned organization can still be fun when there is an excellent trip in the future.

It’s possible to avoid many of the unexpected expenses associated with travel. Before you book your last-minute Florida cruise or fly to Europe, please look at our guide to the most common things travelers forget to budget for. This will help you to avoid unexpected travel expenses for your next getaway.

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