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Types Of The Modular Kitchen – Here’s What To Know

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Types Of The Modular Kitchen – Here’s What To Know

Modular kitchens are what come in modules or units. These modules are pre-assembled. Get expert assistance so as to bring the best layout for your cooking space. You have a good number of options available in the market. The ideal way to choose one is to choose based on your existing kitchen type.

Many a time, customers opt for further modern designs. But you need to think if your cooking area is a good fit here. For example, you have a small L-shaped space, and you opt for an island layout, that way, it only brings inconvenience. Your expert may tell you not to go for it. You may talk to the leading interior designer in Siliguri town.

Knowing the different layouts of modular kitchen

The widely-used modern layouts of the kitchen include – an L-shaped layout, U-shaped-layout, parallel layout, straight modular layout, peninsula/G-shaped layout, and island layout. Get one that compliments your cooking area, uplifting the workflow.

L-Shaped Layouts

The most common kitchen layouts are L-shaped styles. Does your cooking space have minimal space? Do not worry, this layout is all set to serve you. It ensures optimum use of floor space. Below are given characteristics of L-shaped layouts and their advantages:

  • Getting a work triangle
  • Opening up space
  • Involving two walls
  • Better workflow
  • Better corner space
  • Perfect for small to moderate spaces

U-Shaped Layouts

As the name suggests the layout looks letter U. The most efficient work triangle provided by this layout is best for wide-space homes. Such layouts can let two people operate cooking tasks at the same time. It gives a large, open area in the middle of the interior. Advantages and characteristics of U-shaped layouts:

  • A scope for including a seating area or transforming it into an island layout
  • Great for enough storage
  • Functional workflow; free traffic flow
  • Enough worktop space, platform space
  • Perfect for a big family

Straight Layouts

You can imagine easily the layout; a straight line, that’s it. This layout is simple and effective. However, it doesn’t include a work triangle. At a minimum space, you can perform your kitchen task well with straight layouts. This type of design gives optimal setup against one wall. Benefits and characteristics of straight layouts:

  • Well utilization of one wall
  • Ease of movement; free movement
  • Compact Design, everything based on one wall
  • Budget Designs; cost-effective project

Island Layouts

Island layouts are versatile and contemporary. However, such layouts require adequate space to get installed. So, if you have enough area to construct this design, go for it. Looking like an island, surrounded by a compact setup, it ensures addition to cabinetry. Perks and characteristics of an island layout include:

  • Increased counter space
  • Additional storage capacity
  • Extra seating area
  • Options for incorporating new amenities

Parallel Layouts

Chances are everyone loves parallel kitchens. The name itself gives you a clear idea of how it may look. In parallel designs, also called galley layouts, the two, long kitchen platforms face each other. Here you have ample place for multiple taskings. Advantages and characteristics of parallel layouts include:

  • Best use of vertical storage
  • Offering more counter space
  • Multiple tasking
  • Ample space for free movements

Peninsula Layouts

Opting for more worktop scape? If it’s a yes, then you can try peninsula or G-shaped layouts. You can talk to your interior designer for a better understanding. These designs are ideal for small homes or apartments and require less floor space. Find out the best modular kitchen in Siliguri at an affordable range. Benefits and advantages of a peninsula layout:

  • Enough storage
  • More counter space
  • Multiple usages
  • Open space

If you’re searching for a suitable layout for your modern kitchen, seek expert guidance from market-leading interior designers. Make sure you give importance to what experts suggest. Besides wide-ranging layout options, personalized designs are another plus. Explore and install at ease.

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