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Trends & Style Tips for Men’s Fashion this Summer

by ashleykeith
Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

Season changes fashion for both men and women. Dropping temperatures always demand extra layering. On the other hand, rising temperatures make less layering easy and needed. Unlike women, men are more easygoing with seasonal fashion trends. That is to say, they wear anything they first lay eyes on – which is entirely not fashion-appropriate. But, of course, it’s not winter, and old-time extra layering won’t help this season. However, men’s wardrobes need to be revamped to cope with this fun-filled season – summer.

Just when you thought summer is all about ignoring fashion and getting lazy in the households with pajamas on, you can’t be more wrong. Styling in summer is one of the trickiest endeavors one can ever imagine (however, superficially, it may look easy, but it’s not!). But – Worry Not! We’re here to help out because, in this blog, we’ll help men to slay the summer 2022 fashion play with the top trends and styles. Keep reading!

Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

One thing to look out for in summer 2022 wear is comfort and style. If the outfit is summer-proof and stylish, go for it. Otherwise, keep searching. There are winter wardrobe staples for men and summer wardrobe staples for men too. And here they are:

Half-sleeve T-shirts

No man’s shirting arsenal (Wardrobe) is complete without tees. Bulk up your summer wardrobe collection with breathable tees to roll with elegance and comfort. T-shirts are easy-wearing garments that practically go with any bottom wear – be it shorts, pants, jeans, and whatnot. Moreover, tees come in a variety of fabrics. The best summer-appropriate wears are the cotton ones. As far as its designs are concerned, go with light hues, patterns, and multicolor. Leave out darker shades since they’re more heat-absorbing, which is no good in the summer. This summer, pair light, half-sleeve, and cotton tees with shorts and white sneakers to elevate your neutral charm.


We don’t want to go too far to create new styles that are not trending, although new styles are emerging more and more from the old ones this time around. So, grab either half-sleeve or full-sleeve breathable shirts for your formal or semi-formal occasions. Yes, men have to look work-appropriate in summer too, and chino pants with light hue shirts are the way to it. What we most recommend are sky-blue shirts with soft brown chino pants teamed with sheen brown formal shoes to top the standard fashion trend in summer. To look more vibrant and smarter in the scorching heat, grab formal pants and light and effortless shirts.


We know summer is more leisurely going while shorts are on. However, it isn’t possible even if you wear shorts all day. Is it? NO! the minute you get a call from your friend for a casual meetup, you wanna change. In the same way, the best way to look upbeat and smart, opt for lightweight jeans – they’re available these days. Bringing more shrewdness out of your jeans is easy. For that, simply shop faded and summery jeans to look dope. Our go-to? Navy and blue jeans. They’re best to boost your usual summery look when paired with sleeveless V-neck t-shirts.

Polo Shirts

Men’s polo shirts are the best way to look aesthetically vibrant and smart. Although they come in full-sleeves, too, decide on half-sleeve to make the guise summer-worth. Pair it with branded sunglasses, shorts, and loafers to elevate a funky look. For what it’s worth, it’s one of the elite looks to don in summer and looks out-and-out phenomenal. Summer mandates stylish and comfy clothing, and men’s polo shirts are what you need. Period.

Oversized and Ripped

You can never go wrong in summer when donning oversized and ripped garments. Whether to stay contented or stylish in summer, cutouts and oversized wear are always in fashion and, above all, are summery wear. Oversized tees and shorts paired with a trendy cap and sneakers will make you look hip and jazzy like a breeze. The style quotient will also apply when you wear ripped clothes (cutout jeans, shorts, or tees). In addition, for an off-shoulder summer gadget, pull on a men’s tank top to look utilitarian while at your labor work – it’s both practical and chic.


In most cases, a small piece of accessories (in the shape of a pendant, ring, sunglasses, or bracelet) always adds sophistication to your personality regardless of the season. Especially in summer, when you are less dressed, affixing an eloquent accessory will be worth styling. This gives you a chance to stand out in the chic grounds quite easily. Hence, search around your room and find that accessory you’re attached to in profound ways. And don it to display your sophistication and artiness.


Who said men can’t wear floral? For God’s sake, it’s the 21st century – don’t be prejudiced. For what it’s worth, florals are the best summery wear for all genders. In shorts, summer without floral wear is a hard pill to swallow. On the bright side, such a top seamlessly goes with diverse sorts of pants – be it white pants, shorts, jeans, and whatnot. This summer, feel cozy, safe, and dry with floral toppings. Whether going to the beach or staying home for a big family gathering, floral won’t fail – it’s failsafe summer wear that can top any style. Look for pastel floral tees/shirts, adaptable for varied summery occasions.

In the end

Simply put, summer can’t be that hard when you know what you need this season. And mentioned above are the best summer wardrobe shopping gears to be adept. Those (aforementioned) are the best summer outfit ideas to look drop-dead smart and all summery.

In addition, to make fashion worth your caliber, identify your body-shape-appropriate outfits. In other words, find the type of wear that matches your figure because what looks good on others may not look the same on you. To end that, it’s crucial to distinguish what species of outfits suit you best.

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