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Top Fleet Tracking Software Company in India

by TrackoBit
Sensors and Their Importance in Fleet Management Systems


Traditionally, fleet tracking software served the sole purpose of keeping managers updated with their vehicles’ locations. But with advancements in this technology, we have come a long way. Now, this software not only tracks but fully optimises the operations of these fleets.


But not every fleet tracking software is the same. Every individual software has its unique features and operations that might be suitable for others but not for your fleet. This is why much consideration goes into deciding a software best suited for any fleet.


Through this blog, we have tried to help you choose software that is the perfect match for your purpose. Let us have a look.


Top 10 Fleet Tracking Software Company in India

Many parameters are set before any business decides which fleet management system is the best for optimising their fleet. Our list is decided on a similar basis, looking out for the most efficient solutions and features in every software. Here are the results after comparing much software to one another:


  1. TrackoBit

If you are looking for fleet management software that offers both solutions for optimisation and help with software customisation, TrackoBit is the right place to start. Its multi-dimensional features allow businesses to focus individually on various fleet operations.


Solutions offered by Trackobit include:


  • Route Planning
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring
  • Video Telematics
  • Asset Tracking


These solutions encompass various features that help fleet businesses increase their efficiency. Servicing and maintenance feature optimises fleet health while reports let managers study their fleets to understand where it is lacking and work on these shortcomings. Fuel management alerts help fleets reduce pilferage and wastage, cutting down the total expenditure. 


When the business model is optimised at its core, both vehicle and employee retention is also improved. This will result in a better reputation for businesses and a vast clientele. TrackoBit prioritises the safety of its client’s fleets. This is why driver behaviour monitoring and video telematics solutions ensure that drivers adopt ethical practices on the road, reducing the chances of accidents.


This software is responsible to help you not just with your operations, but also with your personal branding. With its customisable functions, users have the liberty to choose between solutions suitable for their unique fleet. They can also add their own flare to the software by amalgamating their brand logo and colours to their fleet tracking software. 


  1. SkyFinch

If your sole investment purpose in fleet management software is information storage, then SkyFinch can help. Your managers stay up-to-date with your fleet activities and conditions at all times with this software. Thus, SkyFinch automates the manual list maintenance process. This lets managers focus on optimising other aspects of their fleet helping to increase productivity.


Some of the features available through SkyFinch are:

  • Trip Log
  • Invoice Generator
  • Finance Management


While using SkyFinch, managers do not have to worry about assigning tasks to their drivers. All sorts of data are available directly on the software itself. This reduces fleets’ labour costs and cuts down expenditure on physical resources such as paper.


  1. LocoNav

LocoNav is a fleet management software that allows users to utilise its features and focus on diverse fleet aspects. Managers can minimise their workload through LocoNav and also stay up to date with their fleet vehicle’s location. Compatible with a wide variety of vehicles, the software can optimise all kinds of fleets, be it cars, trucks, or bikes.


Some of LocoNav’s features popularly used by fleet businesses are:

  • Real-time Vehicle Tracking
  • Fuel Tracking
  • Vehicle Lock


Managers using LocoNav do not have to source their information from any other place. This software does all the work for them. It also helps them maintain surveillance over their drivers to ensure that their vehicles are in capable hands.


  1. Smartrak

If a business’ end goal is to administer their fleets remotely, then Smartrak can be a good choice for them. This fleet tracking software lets managers be in their fleet’s control. Through its features, fleet managers can stay connected to their drivers via the software itself. This reduces the need for any other forms of communication, saving both parties time that might get wasted while navigating. 


Features Smartrak provides its users are:

  • Vehicles Tracking 
  • Asset Tracking
  • Driver Identification


These features allow managers to keep track of their vehicles and the routes they are travelling by. They can also ensure that their vehicles are being run at an optimal speed thus, enhancing vehicle safety.


  1. Locus

Locus is a software mainly targeted toward businesses in the last-mile delivery industry. While this does not fall under fleet management software directly, there are many features that Locus has in common with this industry. 


Some of these features include vehicle tracking, route planning, and driver/vehicle information storage. While for businesses requiring solely fleet tracking solutions, this software can be difficult to navigate, it is useful for companies dealing with the last-mile industry. 


  1. Btracking

Btracking is targeted toward fleet businesses looking to track their vehicles and monitor their operations at all times. This is why this software gives managers access to their drivers’ live locations. The features included in Btracking are:


  • Driver Monitoring
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Automatic Driver ID


Btracking is responsible for collecting information on not just vehicles, but also drivers. This information can then be used to select what drivers are suitable for which kind of on-road task.

  1. Casperon

Casperon is a company that has created the fleet management software called Fleet Bip. This software is responsible for aiding managers to trace and optimise their drivers, vehicle, and assets. Some features integrated with Fleet Bip are:


  • Route Planning
  • Fuel Tracking
  • Asset Management 


Using these features, businesses can stay aware of all fleet activities and the kind of tasks their drivers are performing. Managers can be a communication point between clients and drivers, navigating their fleet through information stored in the software itself.

  1. Uffizio

Uffizio owns the software Trakzee, which is similar to the other fleet management systems mentioned in this list so far. It provides its clients with several features for optimising their fleet operations. With this software, fleet managers can ensure that their vehicles stay safe and productive for long periods. Some vastly used features of Trakzee are: 


  • Parking Safety
  • Engine Hours Tracking
  • Vehicle Diagnosis 


Through these various features, fleet businesses can ensure that their vehicles are fit for task completion. It also helps owners store all vehicle and driver related information in one place, making it easy to access.


  1. Fleetx

Fleetx is a good option to consider when looking for a fleet management system for optimising fleet productivity. With its GPS tracking, it can help you keep a vehicle’s location record. It is also a great way of compiling all your fleet information together. This saves managers time that was wasted trying to navigate through multiple manual information sources.


Some features of Fleetx that can help you optimise your fleet are fleet maintenance, vehicle tracking and live alerts. These features help fleet managers optimise routes for their fleets as well.


  1. Axestrack

Axetrack is the parent company for several different software, it’s fleet tracking software being Track. This software has well-maintained features to help users become more aware of their fleets, improving the transparency between fleet managers and drivers. Some of these features include:


  • Live Tracking
  • Route Planning
  • Fuel Monitoring


These not only improve fleets’ visibility but also their time and cost efficiency. Thus, it can make a business more profitable than before.



We hope you have found what you were looking for through our list. 


All the above-mentioned software are similar in some or the other way. But if we look for the best fleet tracking software features-wise, TrackoBit definitely stands on top. It has the ultimate combination of solutions meant to not only help you with tracking and information storage but also to help you increase your profits and brand reputation.

With several customisable tools, you never have to worry about it being matched to your fleet. Request a demo and test out this theory for yourself.

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