We'll admit it: TikTok makeup hacks have been setting a brand new standard in the world of glamour.

by mehrotrasaanvi

We’ll admit it: TikTok makeup hacks have been setting a brand new standard in the world of glamour. In reality, these hacks are very appealing and encourage us to be more creative with our makeup ideas. One technique that is dominating the beauty industry by storm is the concealer that lifts your face. It’s true the makeup product you’ve been using for years will do more than awaken your complexion and smoothing out dark circles and hiding your mistakes with mascara.

The days of traditional upside-down triangles for fixing your eye problems since this placement of concealer to raise the face is all you require to get a natural “facelift” appearance.

What is a “Face-Lifting” Concealer Hack?

Your favorite concealer has always come in handy but even when you think you couldn’t do better, the viral TikTok concealer hack in 2021 proved that. The hack is popularized by Texas-based TikToker Megha Singh, this technique is simply placing the concealer over specific areas of your face, including the corner of the eyes and the contour of the mouth to create a the appearance of a lifted look. It’s suitable for all complexion and shape.

This being said it is important to pick the perfect concealer using the right formula and the right shade to achieve the brighter effect. Smooth, crease-free look with a light and long-lasting Magic Wand waterproof concealer, which is perfect for emphasising dark and fine lines. under-eyes.

How To Perform the Concealer Hack to Get A Instantly lifted look

Step 1: Begin by selecting the concealer slightly more light in comparison to your complexion. Apply the concealer around the outer corners of your eyes with a slight upwards direction, and then drag it toward your temple.

Step 2: Put the concealer to the outer edge of the mouth, in the same way as you did for the eyes.

step 3: In order to cover under-eye bags, apply some of the formula on the inside of your eyes. It’s also good to apply it underneath the middle and on the side that your nose.

Step 4: Lastly apply the concealer under your cheekbones.

Step 5: After the concealer is in place in your makeup brush, or cosmetic blender to blend the concealer into upwards motion. Your face will appear immediately lifted.

Step 6: Finally make sure you dab the areas that are concealed with banana powder to ensure that the concealer won’t shift.

We did not realize that this essential makeup product can create a look that is more taut. You can pair your glamorous look with some blush, a bold red lip and a couple of coats Double Date Extreme Volume Mascara Duo. Voila hello, gorgeous!


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