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The Positive Effects of Progressive High School Japan

by Aslam Ali

The majority of parents just want the best for their children. To ensure their happiness and success, they do all in their power to help them realize their utmost potential. The concept of progressive education is very simple and this article will help you to figure that out. 

Here are six reasons why using progressive teaching techniques will be advantageous to your child’s growth. 

Prior to making any big choices concerning your child’s schooling, be sure to speak with your child’s pediatrician. However, if you believe progressive education fits your family well, you may want to keep reading.

6 reasons for Educating High Schoolers in a Tokyo International Progressive School

  • Progressive Schooling Improves Student’s Cognitive Ability

Creative and critical thinking are two huge advantages of progressive instruction for children. Using this method, they may come up with creative answers to situations that other students would not have thought of.

In addition, research shows that students who are taught using progressive approaches do better on standardized examinations that assess higher-level cognitive abilities. Your kid will also be more prepared to deal with real-world issues, and they’ll perform better in school because of it!

  • Teach Students the Right Way to Learn

One of the many advantages of progressive education offered in High School Japan for children is that it teaches them the process of learning itself. Learning to think and using the proper tools is a key component of progressive education.

Observation and experimentation, questioning, problem-solving, creative thinking, and communicating ideas are all examples of what progressive educators promote in their pupils. Educators who are on the cutting edge of education are helping students build these abilities from an early age.

  • Aids to develop student’s ability to think independently

Progressive teaching methods promote students’ curiosity, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Developing children’s ability to think critically is an important part of their growth as adults.

As a result of their efforts, progressive educators are fostering a more democratic society by empowering pupils to think for themselves.

  • Cooperation and Collaboration are important parts of Progressive Education

In a Tokyo International Progressive School classroom, students often collaborate on projects or tasks in small groups. In a cooperative learning setting, students gain key social skills including communication and collaboration.

Collaborating on projects additionally assists students to have a deeper appreciation and respect for one another’s viewpoints.

  • Progressive Educational highly values creative and critical thinking skills 

Progressive educators use project-based learning and hands-on activities to help students develop their critical and creative thinking skills. Students benefit much from the fresh perspective that comes from tackling problems creatively.

  • Preparing pupils for the actual world is a primary purpose

Working together to tackle real-world challenges is a common occurrence. In the opinion of progressive educators, pupils must learn how to cooperate.

Group projects are common in progressive High School Japan classrooms because they help students learn to collaborate. Students may be requested to work together on projects or tasks, for example, or engage in debates or conversations with their peers.

What makes Progressive Education different from other Methods

According to John Dewey and other progressive educators, a student’s education should prepare them for active engagement in a democratic and global society. The true objective of this education system is to create critical thinkers and explorers, not just recipients of the information.

Many fundamental differences exist between progressive and other approaches to high school education. 

The most basic difference is progressive learning is completely based on inquiry and projects. In other words, rather than being given a list of facts or concepts to remember, students are encouraged to develop their meaning via free-form investigation and conversation.

In learning based on inquiry, Tokyo International Progressive School teachers are not the ones who provide the students with the right ways to solve a problem or simply provide the answer. Rather they act as a facilitator and coach.

An integrated curriculum is created by using a project-based approach rather than a succession of separate, unconnected courses.

The Progressive High School Japan is devoted to the following values:

  • Incorporating project-based learning with academic requirements from all three levels of government.
  • Experiential education that emphasizes participation in group projects and working together in small groups.
  • Learning to think critically and solve problems.
  • Promoting pupils’ sense of civic duty, self-awareness, and a sense of mutual respect among themselves and with others.
  • Participating in initiatives and principles that encourage youngsters to become involved in the community.
  • Examining students’ abilities and knowledge in an age-appropriate manner rather than only on the basis of test results.
  • Developing pupils who are self-confident in their ability to lead others.
  • An emphasis on small classes and low student-teacher ratios.
  • To get all pupils the opportunity to work together across age groups.
  • Promoting children’s curiosity, exploration, and critical thinking.
  • Acknowledging children’s different learning preferences.
  • A willingness to work together with parents.
  • Inspiring and facilitating lifelong education


We appreciate your time and interest in our content. We hope this article has given you a better understanding of the benefits of progressive education for children and how it may help your child grow. 

It’s crucial to select a teaching style that works best for your family since every kid is unique and learns in a different manner. Tokyo International Progressive School acknowledges this difference and tailors the best possible methods of learning for your high school kid.

If you’re worried about your child’s progress, make an appointment with your pediatrician right away. Finally, be proud of your role as a parent! It’s one of the hardest and most rewarding occupations in the world.

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