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The Maintenance and Care of the Toilet Bidet

Toilet Bidet maintenance

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1. The toilet bidet should be cleaned with a neutral detergent. If a strong or corrosive detergent is used, it will damage the surface of the ceramic product.
2. Do not use a wire brush or scouring pad to clean the surface of the worn bidet.
3. If a solid detergent is used in the water tank, it must be wrapped with multi-layer gauze and hung inside the water tank to prevent undissolved residue from blocking the flushing hole of the toilet and affecting the flushing effect.
4. Please do not flush newspapers, paper pads, maternity sanitary napkins, or other things into the toilet, otherwise, it would easily block the pipeline.
5. When using the split toilet bidet, do not press back against the water tank to prevent the water tank from cracking.
6. Do not stand or place heavy objects on the seat to avoid damage to the seat.
7. In places where the water quality is not good, the water-stop rubber in the toilet tank is prone to aging and failing, so it must be taken out and cleaned regularly.
8. The filter inside the tank fitting or in the inlet valve should be cleaned regularly.
9. Hard objects should be prevented from directly hitting the surface of the product.
10. When using groundwater as a source of flushing water, the high hardness of such water may result in the short service life of the tank fitting.

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