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The Madness of Movie Nights Right Here at Rare Waves

by RareWaVes Australia
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Ah! The joy of unwinding in your home at the end of the week, relaxed, unperturbed, and you start a film you’ve been meaning to watch for a long time. You nestle up to your loved ones, surrounded by food and revelry, as you turn up the volume and let the magic of cinema blow you over.

Isn’t that a lovely feeling? Well, we have all grown up renting movies on DVD or Blu-Ray, and Rare Waves is now here to make that process faster and easier.

Rare Waves offers you the latest titles in Ultra HD so you can watch the big names and exclusive titles right in the comfort of your home.

Why should you opt for Rare Waves to have your hands on new release movies DVD? There is more than one reason, and here we list them for you.

Titles Available

You may be a Superhero film nerd or the latest release addict. No matter what your taste in films, there’s something for everyone here at Rare Waves. 

A carefully curated collection of the latest and most trending movies from Hollywood make their way into your home just at the click of a button.

Features Galore

To simplify matters for you and help you navigate easily, there are functional filters for you to choose from.

Choose from the absolute latest in the theaters to classics for yesteryears – Rare Waves has made sure to keep something for everyone’s taste.


Whether you are having a thrifty bachelor’s pad hangout or an all-guns-out barbecue party – do not worry about the pricing at all. You can get something for your budget right away.

The titles can be filtered according to price, thus giving you faster access to the film you want to watch with your loved ones.

Why Choose Us?

The ease, the accessibility, and the sheer collection of titles we offer should be more than enough to help you make your call.

Rare Waves has built a reputation for offering its loyal clientele just what they need. From merchandise to electronics to movies – we have it all. It’s your one-stop solution to all your shopping needs.

So, if you are to get your hands on new release movies on DVD, look no further than Rare Waves, Australia. We strive to offer you fun and frolic. 

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