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The Guide To The Four Types Of Tow Trucks

by victoriatowingbc

Truck Towing in Victoria comes in four styles and serves different purposes. They can haul a completely wrecked car to a yard or carry a vehicle to the repair shop. Towing trucks companies in Victoria usually depend on mainly a few types of trucks to run their daily operations.

If you are well aware of the different types of trucks, only then can you make the choice of selecting the correct one for your company’s needs.

There are mainly four types of tow trucks used by various companies today. 

1- Hook and chain

This type of truck towing in Victoria is used to tow junk vehicles. It features a heavy-duty chain and hooks attached to the back. The driver can attach the hook to the cargo or vehicle being towed, pulling it behind the tow truck and making its way to the destination.

When the hook and chain are attached to an automobile, the front of it is suspended in the air. These trucks are apt for vehicles that do not need gentle treatment.

2- Flatbed or rollback

A rollback or flatbed towing trucks companies in Victoria contains a flattop bed that is empty at the rear end. It is designed to fit and carry heavy vehicles. When the operator wants to mount a vehicle on the flatbed, they make use of hydraulics to shift the bed down or up.

This towing truck is very easy to operate and is widely used by people to transport their vehicles.

3- Wheel lift

You can call this an updated version of the good old chain and hook tow truck. This tow truck can lift the rear or front part of the automobile and leave the other side on the ground. They are apt for transporting vehicles to repair shops.

This tow truck does not damage the automobile and is great for transporting vehicles that need to be repaired.

4- Integrated 

An integrated tow truck is designed for towing heavy-duty vehicles. You can easily tow and recover vehicles like rigs and buses using these tow trucks. They can be hooked to a vehicle very fast and easily.

The operator can control the system from his cabin, which means they do not have to step out to pick up the vehicle. This is an added plus when the driver has to load the vehicle and move fast.

To conclude,

Above mentioned are the four types of tow trucks that you can choose from. Make sure you do your research and homework well before you make a choice.

It is very important to choose a tow truck that will fulfil all your towing needs. If you are looking for tow services in Victoria, you can contact Victoria Towing.

Matt Nichole is the author of this article. For more details about Emergency towing services in Sooke please visit our website: victoriatowing.ca

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