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The Greatest Korean Dramas

The Greatest Korean Dramas

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The Greatest Korean Dramas

There is nothing quite like the greatest Korean Dramas, from the lengthy stories of 16 or more episodes to the fascinating characters. Nothing compares to the hollow sense of loss you get when your favourite show is over, though. Some Korean dramas stand the test of time and can be regarded as some of the best ever produced, among the excellent, the bad, and the ugly. We’ll be showing some of our all-time favourites right here.

Stranger (Secret Forest)

The debut Saturday/Sunday night drama on tvN is a total blast. Stranger is a must-watch the greatest Korean Dramas that combines strong character development, a tonne of twists. Stranger, a three-time Baeksang Award winner, is praised for its suspenseful narrative that keeps you guessing till the very end. But what really stands out about this show is how much chemistry the leads have without even hinting at romance. With the exception of some late-season drama that tackles political conceptStranger (Secret Forest)

The passing of Moo-Sung Park served as the impetus for all of this turmoil. Prosecutor Si-Mok arrives at the scene after learning that the victim was dead and starts piecing together what had transpired. Si-Mok joins police investigator Yeo-Jin in the pursuit to apprehend the suspect as a TV repairman flees the scene.A seemingly straightforward incident quickly reveals stunning levels of corruption at the police station and the prosecutor’s office. This opens the door for several influential figures to start pulling the strings all the way up the chain of command.

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Chicago-style keyboard

Although the phrase “underrated” is frequently used, it truly applies to this superbly crafted Korean series. Chicago Typewriter is a television series that equally divides its time between two eras while fusing romance, humour, and historical drama. In the first, a rebel group comes up in the tumultuous 1930s and attempts to usurp the power of the existing government by imposing an iron fist.

Chicago Typewriter

The second is set in contemporary Seoul and centres on the renowned author Se-Ju. Se-Ju, who is the Korean Stephen King, chooses to write a love story as his next endeavour. But what really stands out about this 2017 show is how rapidly the mood can shift from comedy to drama. It’s a truly remarkable achievement, and the cinematography is gorgeous as well.

Fairy of weightlifting Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy is a proper coming-of-age tale that is avalaible on MyAsianTv. This endearing Korean drama receives some major fairy dust from Kim Bok Joo. The plot begins slowly before developing into a heartwarming feel-good tale about a group of college athletes fighting for their aspirations. Great character work has been done here, and throughout the season, each character changes and develops in a plausible way.

The Greatest Korean Dramas

It also helps the lead characters for great chemistry and to support equally strong supporting cast. Anyone interested in diving into Korean dramas should start here, and it’s impossible not to fall in love with the series’ seamless comedy.

Reply 1988

Reply 1988 is a wonderful trip down memory lane and the ideal companion to Penthouse’s unpleasant excursion.The Greatest Korean Drama employs a light, breezy tone to fit in well with other dramas of its kind. In this lengthy story, there are both more absurd and humorous passages. Divided across four separate families, this portrayal of Korean life is acclaim for being  most accurate.

The Greatest Korean Dramas

Doctor Stranger

Doctor Stranger is one of the best Korean medical dramas out there. For the majority of the running time, the pacing is wonderfully balanced, and some compellingly stressful surgery sequences support this. There is an intriguing overall plot that unites everything that keeps you interested until the very end.

For those who are unaware, the protagonist of this drama is a young doctor. He learns that the woman he is working with as a doctor looks exactly like the woman he lost track of while trying to flee. Our character-driven drama has now started.Throughout the season, events soon intensify to become much more. It suffices to state that Doctor Stranger is one of the better medical dramas available.


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