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The Cause of the Bad Odour in Your AC

by Shivam Sunel

Your air conditioner is filling your room with a bad smell. you can’t seem to understand the reason behind it. Well, there can be many issues that may need technical assistance, and for that, you’ll need to call the best AC repair service in Pune.

Here are some possible reasons your air conditioner is causing a bad smell in your house:

Dust or Mildew

The most common cause for the AC to smell bad is uncleaned filters. With this dirt and humidity, new bacteria form that cause a faulty smell. The best way to get away with this is to clean your air conditioner filters and vents regularly. remove dust or mould that has formed on them.

Burning Smell

If you notice any gunpowder or plastic burning-like from your air conditioner, then it’s probably because of some short-circuit inside the air conditioner.

It can happen because of motor failure, condenser failure, wrongly attached wires, etc. It is best to turn it off and call for an AC repair service in Pune to solve this issue.

Another possible cause for this burning smell is when dust or dirt gets inside the air conditioner and heats up when the air conditioner is turned on after a long time.

Air Conditioner’s Gas Leaking                                         

Sometimes an air conditioner’s gas leak is the cause of the bad smell from air conditioners. Gas leaks happen when condenser pipes corrode after a long period of time. Another reason for the gas leak is that the valve is not correctly attached or the seal that covers the Schrader Valve, gets damaged.

Moreover, if the refrigerant lines that are made of copper are damaged. it can also lead the air conditioner to leak. You will need to call an HVAC technician to resolve the gas leak issue.

Stagnant Water

The stagnant water causes bacteria and other insects. If the wastewater from your air conditioner is not exiting through the AC drain or tube, it can cause bad odours too. The most common reason behind the clogged drain hose of the air conditioner is dirt or debris inside the pipe, so clean the clogged drainage pipe with vinegar and do it every 30 days to stop the blockage of the pipe.

Final Thoughts

Apart from these reasons, there may be a small dead animal or bird inside the air conditioner’s duct, which causes a dead or rotten smell from your .air conditioner

Air conditioners that spread bad odours need to be checked thoroughly. So, if you live in Mumbai or any other surrounding area, you can contact Bharat Services for professional repair services to remove any musty smells coming from your air conditioner.

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