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The Benefits Of Jewellery Appraisals

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Jewellery Valuations

Do you remember the last time you got your jewellery appraised? Are you aware of the fact that on an average jewellery valuations/appraisals are done in every two to three years? Although the specific length of time for the valuation of jewellery varies according to the requirements of the individuals and the insurance companies, many companies insist on professional and certified valuation of the jewellery every two to three years. It helps you in knowing the actual value of the jewellery which can be used for your needs and benefits, if the situation demands.

Today there are many companies that help you in providing valuation services both online and offline. Prestige Valuations is one such company that provides you with on spot valuation services of different assets, online antique valuation services, jewellery repair services, jewellery remodelling services, watch valuation services, probate jewellery valuation and so on.

The Importance of Jewellery Appraisal

Jewellery valuation or jewellery appraisal is highly important. There is a reason for it. Generally the price of precious stones and metals, such as, diamonds, gemstones, gold and platinum and some significant watches fluctuates a lot. Either their price and value increases as per the market value or decreases as per the market value. Many times the price and the value increases. This mainly happens because either they are in high demand or are in trend in the market. We all know that jewellery is a valuable asset and commodity. Since its price remains high for a certain period of time, therefore, it is a long term investment. It is because of this reason jewellery appraisal is important.

When you go for a jewellery valuation, the estimation of the price is always higher than what you might have thought. For instance, if you are purchasing a gold earring today and you go for the valuation of the gold earring tomorrow, you will find out that the price of the earring has increased. Similarly, if you are wearing a diamond ring for years now and if you estimate the value of the ring today, it will obviously be higher than the rate at which you have purchased it. If you do not go for jewellery appraisal from time to time, you may not know the exact value of the jewellery and may face a great loss. If you know the exact value of your jewellery, it will be a great help to you during the time of crisis. Therefore, insuring the value of your jewellery and other important assets is highly important and for that you need to keep them appraised from time to time.

Jewellery Valuations

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Jewellery Appraised?

There is a common question that crosses the mind of every individual when they are learning about jewellery appraisal. The question is whether they need to pay to get their jewellery evaluated. And the answer is ‘yes’. Of course it is a savvy investment and is worth it. If you are getting your jewellery appraised and having insurance for it, you are on the safer side. It is applicable not only for the jewellery, but also for other valuable assets. For instance, if your jewellery or a valuable watch or any other valuable asset is completely damaged due to some reasons, or has been robbed or is lost by chance, if you have insurance cover for it, you will get the required amount or more than that in place of that jewellery or the valuable asset. Of course, it cannot be replaced with the sentimental value, but it is definitely going to be replaced with the material value.

Insurance for Your Jewellery

Different policies offer different specific insurance cover for different valuable items. So it is necessary for you to know the true value of your jewellery and how much you are going to get in place of it from the insurance coverage, if your jewellery is lost, robbed or damaged accidentally. Therefore, an independent jewellery valuation document is important to make sure that all the necessary points are there in the policy and the present and actual replacement of the jewellery is mentioned.

Summing Up

These are some of the importance and benefits of jewellery valuations. If you have not done the valuation of your jewellery yet, do not waste your time and visit a good company that helps you in different valuation services.

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