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The 12 Best RPA (Robotics Process Automation) Tools

by logindharanish

What is robotic process automation?

The software technology known as robotic process automation (RPA) makes it simple to create, deploy, and manage software robots that mimic how people would interact with digital devices and software. Similar to humans, software robots are capable of understanding what is displayed on a screen, making the proper keystrokes, navigating computer systems, locating and extracting data, and carrying out a variety of predefined tasks. However, without the need to stand up and stretch or take a coffee break, software robots are faster and more reliable than people at performing the same task.


The automation of jobs is typically set up using tools for robotic process automation (RPA). These tools are necessary for automating repetitive back-office processes. Choosing one RPA tool from the many that are available on the market may seem difficult.


The top 12 hand-selected RPA software programmes are shown below, along with the most recent download information for each programme. Both open source (free) and commercial (paid) software are included in this list of RPA tools.


Any firm that uses software for operations or development and is looking to automate its back-office operations or software testing procedures as well as establish a smooth and iterative automation framework should consider ZAPTEST as a software automation solution.




  • Automated Functional and Performance Testing
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Execution of Cross-Platform (Parallel) Test+RPA Software Automation in a Seamless Manner
  • DevOps (Mock-ups) API Testing with automation
  • Auto-Documentation


2) HelpSystems

HelpSystems’ Automate is a complete RPA platform created to automate manual, time-consuming tasks within your business. Due to its simplicity of use and capacity to expand your automation plan economically, Automate is designed and priced appropriately for employee-driven, enterprise-wide automation. Additionally, our no-code automation gets you up and running quickly, so you can see an immediate ROI for both GUI and back-end operations.




  • More than 70 native actions with form-based development and drag-and-drop


  • To combine tasks, apply conditions, and implement flow control to create logical workflows.


  • Step recorder quickly and easily creates UI-driven automation with the option to incorporate business logic for more robust records.


  • An effective out-of-the-box API integration kit to connect to the programmes that operate your company


  • To better handle unstructured data, AI and machine learning bring intelligence to activities that call for more analytical thinking.


  • The Automate Bot Store, an online marketplace, boosts your ROI with free pre-built bots and virtual assistants.


JAMS is a business IT automation solution that controls, manages, and executes workflows and activities to support essential business operations. JAMS, which was developed as the sole job scheduling solution built on the.NET framework, aids enterprises in defining, scheduling, executing, and monitoring jobs from a single central console.



  • Automate IT procedures, from straightforward batch operations to intricate cross-platform workflows.


  • All platforms, programs, APIs, and scripting languages should have centralized scheduling


  • Employ business logic and code-driven automation in your occupation.


  • rely on event-based scheduling with user-defined events and triggers to improve automation control and effectiveness.


4) KOFAX from Lexmark

One of the most effective methods for gathering, enhancing, and delivering data from any application or data source is KOFAX from LexKofax RPA. Websites, portals, desktop programs, and business systems without any coding are all included in this.




  • eliminates errors by automating data collection and input


  • Boost Efficiency of Operations with Intelligent Software Robots


  • Process monitoring and improvement with robotic process intelligence


  • Robot deployment, management, and operation from a centralized server


  • Analytics and Process Intelligence Built-Inmark

5) Power Automate

Power Automate is an RPA technology that can help you increase productivity within your business. You may create a secure process using this application without writing any code.




  • It enables you to improve your workers’ precision and effectiveness.


  • This software offers a step-by-step manual to make business process automation simpler.


  • MS security technology is used to protect Power Automate tool automation.


  • It provides AI models for word recognition, object detection, and form processing.


  • This application is compatible with Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamic 365.


6) Creator

With the use of a tool called Creator, you may create software from scratch without having to write any complicated code. It makes it simple to transform business logic into a useful process. Incorporated into this programme are QuickBooks, PayPal, and Zapier.



  • To keep your business running smoothly, it provides role-based control functionality.


  • offers an extensive selection of insightful reports.


  • Code is readily draggable and droppable.


  • Android and iOS smartphones are supported.

7) Agenty

Software for data scraping, text extraction, and optical character recognition is called Agent. You can construct an agent with just a few mouse clicks thanks to it. You can reuse all of your processed data for your analytics with the aid of this application.



  • You can integrate with safe FTP and Dropbox thanks to it.


  • It automatically sends you an email to let you know when your job is finished.


  • You may see the complete activity log for every event.


  • This helps you improve the performance of your business.


  • This enables the simple addition of custom logic and business rules.


8) Automation Anywhere

Robotics everywhere In an RPA developer tool, language comprehension and the ability to read any unstructured data are combined with traditional RPA.



  • Intelligent automation for IT and business processes.


  • It is one of the greatest RPA solutions available and makes use of SMART technology.


  • Technology for automation


  • It automates difficult and complex processes quickly.


  • Distribute work among numerous computers.


  • It provides script-free automation.


9) UiPath

The robotic process automation (RPA) tool UiPath can automate any desktop or web application. One of the Open Source RPA Tools, it enables multinational corporations to plan and implement a robotic workforce for their business.




  • Virtual terminals or cloud environments can both host UiPath.


  • Ensure that a wide variety of apps, including desktop and web applications, are supported.


  • the ability to execute the bots automatically.


  • A completely accurate scraping solution that works with.Net, Java, Flash, PDF, Legacy, and SAP


10) Blue Prism

By automating manual, rule-based back-office repetitive activities, Blue Prism RPA technologies make corporate operations more flexible and efficient. One of the Free RPA Tools offers a designer that looks like a flow chart and has a drag-and-drop functionality to automate different business processes.




  • Simple to install and takes around 4 to 6 weeks.


  • robust analytics suite has many of features


  • The application of the tool doesn’t require programming knowledge.


  • Create fully automated, high-performance business operations.


  • A better control room that provides input in real time


11) Pega

The automation framework product from Pegasystems supports all usage situations. Pega integrates a business rule management system and a decision-making mechanism based on predictive analytics.



  • Open APIs that connect fast to your current services


  • Actionable intelligence aids in the automatic discovery of processes for improvement.


  • the flexible intelligence that adapts while learning


  • This RPA open source tool logs desktop insights. It receives detailed information on how a job is completed.


12) OpenConnect

The productivity of the workforce is optimized by OpenConnect, which automatically identifies, streamlines, and enhances service operations. You can address all kinds of operational and competitive difficulties using the tool.


  • architecture that is solely reliant on servers


  • Dashboard screens that display current status


  • centralized administration


  • data that has been highly encrypted.


  • sophisticated connectivity abilities

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