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Special armour combo | all essentials in one pack

Tactical plate carrier

by eodgear123

Body armour is a section in which no one can compromise. If one has to buy, they should make sure that every item of protection bought must be of good quality and without any defect.


Especially, when it comes to Tactical plate carriers where every part needs to select proper and have a backup in every case and situation. The combos mentioned below are of superior quality and contain all the items that one might need:


Warrior Assault Systems DCS Special Forces Plate Carrier:

It is a rapid response kit which means in case of any emergency, this is the one that will be used. Its lightweight yet strong nature is highly regarded by the special forces as well. It has additional weights compartments and attachments for extra equipment along with mesh material to provide comfort and maintain body temperature as well.


Cumberbund Soft Armor:

The plate carrier has a waistband around it which makes it adjustable. The band is called the “Cummerbund”. There have been cases where people have ignored buying it and regretted it later. It is better to be safe than sorry. It is a lightweight soft armour that will provide extra protection.


Lightweight Covert Rapid Response Armor Kit:

This contains all the necessary required equipment that the force might want during an emergency. it contains the warrior usually carrier plate, with a triple velcro mag pouch for easy access.m The helmat bag for storage. It also has level 2 rifle plates for quality protection and a High-Vz positive ID.

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