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Singapore’s Top Facilities for Storing Precious Metals: A Comprehensive Review

by sophiajames


Singapore has established itself as a global financial hub and a prime destination for storing precious metals securely. With its stable economy, robust legal system, and well-regulated financial industry, the city-state offers a wide array of secure storage facilities tailored specifically for safeguarding valuable assets like gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. In this article, we will explore some of Singapore’s top facilities for storing precious metals, highlighting their features and benefits.

The Singapore Freeport

The Singapore Freeport is a world-renowned facility offering top-notch storage services for precious metals, artworks, fine wines, and other valuable assets. Strategically located near Changi International Airport, the Freeport benefits from excellent transportation links and security measures. This high-tech facility boasts 24/7 surveillance, advanced access controls, and temperature and humidity-controlled vaults, ensuring the utmost protection for stored items.

Apart from top-tier security, the Singapore Freeport provides additional services, including insurance coverage, on-site customs clearance, and independent audit reports, giving clients peace of mind and transparency in their storage arrangements.

Malca-Amit Singapore

Malca-Amit is a trusted name in the store precious metals in singapore industry, with a global presence and a solid reputation for security and reliability. Their Singapore facility adheres to strict protocols, featuring state-of-the-art technology, biometric access controls, and multiple layers of physical security to safeguard the assets stored within.

Malca-Amit’s Singapore facility also offers personalized storage solutions, allowing clients to customize their storage requirements based on the size and quantity of precious metals they possess. Moreover, the company provides a seamless global transportation network, facilitating secure movement of metals to and from other international storage locations.

Le Freeport Singapore

Le Freeport Singapore is another prominent storage facility catering to clients seeking a safe haven for their precious metals. This establishment focuses on providing premium services to high-net-worth individuals, collectors, and institutional clients. The facility prides itself on its discretion and confidentiality, catering to clients who prioritize privacy in their storage needs.

With cutting-edge security systems, climate-controlled vaults, and a dedicated team of experts, Le Freeport ensures optimal conditions for long-term storage. Additionally, the facility offers attractive amenities such as private viewing rooms, conference facilities, and art-handling services.

Certis CISCO Precious Metals Depository

Certis CISCO Precious Metals Depository, a collaboration between Certis and CISCO, offers secure storage solutions for precious metals in Singapore. As a government-owned entity, this facility maintains the highest standards of security, adhering to stringent protocols and regulations.

Certis CISCO employs advanced surveillance technology, tamper-evident packaging, and comprehensive risk management strategies to protect stored assets. Clients can also benefit from additional services, including insurance coverage, inventory auditing, and customizable storage options to suit their specific needs.


Singapore’s position as a leading global financial center extends to its offerings in secure precious metals storage facilities. Investors and collectors seeking peace of mind and reliability can confidently choose from a range of reputable providers such as the Singapore Freeport, Malca-Amit, Le Freeport, and Certis CISCO Precious Metals Depository.

Each of these facilities is equipped with cutting-edge security measures, climate-controlled environments, and additional services to cater to the unique requirements of their clients. Whether for individual investors, financial institutions, or collectors, Singapore’s top facilities for storing precious metals provide the ideal combination of security, convenience, and professionalism for safeguarding valuable assets for the long term.


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