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Signs and symptoms of Breast cancer

symptoms of Breast cancer

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Signs and symptoms of Breast cancer

Signs and symptoms of Breast cancer


Signs and symptoms of Breast cancer: When your mother, aunt, sister, or any of your female friends or relatives complains of breast discomfort or pain, it is time for you to take note. Here is what you should know about Breast Cancer.

It is the second leading cause of death among women in the US after lung cancer. Breast cancer occurs when breast cells grow and divide in an abnormal manner and get stuck in lymph nodes or other tissues of the body.

Breast cancer can be detected and treated before it starts. The first step is to undergo mammography (X-ray of the breast)

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Symptoms and causes of breast cancer in women

It is very important for women to know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Although women themselves can identify breast cancer at home as it is very easy to identify.

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among women and every year lakhs of women die from this cancer, so women should be alert and keep checking their breasts from time to time themselves.

Many women do not like to talk about breasts and sometimes they are afraid or ashamed to tell the doctor even if they have symptoms of cancer. It is a request to all those women that the breast is a part of God, just as there are other organs in your body, the breast is also there, so do not hesitate and bring your problem to the fore so that you can save yourself from breast cancer.

How is breast cancer

Breast cancer mostly occurs in older women. The chances of breast cancer in young women are very less. Let’s know the main causes of breast cancer

1. Genetic, that is, if someone in your family has breast cancer, then your chances of getting breast cancer will also increase.
2. Not breastfeeding
3. Early Menstruation
4. Is Too late to become a mother
5. Smoking or drinking alcohol
6. Not getting enough sleep
7. Becoming a Mother at an Older Age

All these are the main causes of breast cancer. Sometimes poor lifestyle can also cause breast cancer in women, so care is necessary.

symptoms of breast cancer

Breast cancer can be easily detected at an early stage. If women become aware, then they can get themselves tested without going to the doctor.

The beauty of a woman comes from her breasts, so their care is now in your hands. Let us explain to you some special early symptoms of breast cancer:

Breast lump

Women touch their breasts every day while bathing or at any time and see if there is any lump like that. Let us tell you that there is no pain in this knot, so women do not take it seriously, but if there is any kind of knot in the breast, then contact the doctor immediately.

The pit in the breast

Pay a little attention to your breasts if there is any kind of pit in the breasts or the nipples are getting stuck inside then you may have breast cancer.

Pain in breasts

Sometimes a tight undergarment also causes pain in the breasts and this is a normal thing, but if you have pain in your breasts for no reason and continuously, then definitely check with a good cancer specialist.

Discharge from the breasts

If any kind of juice like pus or blood or some liquid comes out from the breasts, then be careful. Touch your breasts with your hand and press lightly, if any such fluid comes out, then it is a sign of cancer.

Pain between breast and armpit

It may not be the pain of cancer, but having pain in the breast and armpit increases the chances of cancer.

Changes in breasts

If your breasts are suddenly becoming very soft or very hard, then it is also a matter of concern.

Change in the size of breasts

Many women complain that their one breast appears small and one big or there seems to be some strange change in the size of breasts in the past, then it is an early symptom of cancer.

Swollen breasts

Swelling breasts are not a normal thing. If a woman feels swelling in her breasts, then without delay contact a cancer specialist doctor.

Scars on the breasts

If there are marks like nails or some scrapes emerging on the breasts or any other kind of strange marks are growing on the breasts, then it can also be the beginning of cancer.

Itching in breasts

Sometimes itchy breasts can occur due to dirty undergarments, but if a woman has itchy breasts for no reason and this itching is going on for a long time, then you need to have a medical examination.

These are all characteristic symptoms of breast cancer.

How to check for breast cancer women can do the best cancer screening even at home. Here we are going to tell you an easy way to do this :

Stand in front of a mirror. Now touch your breasts lightly. Slowly bring the hands on the breasts from top to bottom and see if there are any knots. If there is a knot, you will definitely feel it.

Let us tell you that if pressing on the knot does not cause pain, then the chances of getting breast cancer increase. In this way, check your breasts regularly.

Medical examination of breast cancer if you feel any symptoms of breast cancer, see a doctor. To diagnose breast cancer, doctors do two types of tests –
  • Ultrasound
  • Mammogram

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