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Romantic Travel Guide to Melbourne

Best activities in Melbourne for couples

by NinArt

If you and your loved one are looking for romantic places to visit and fun activities to participate in when you visit Melbourne, you’re lucky to find out that this is actually the absolute perfect destination for couples. Explore the beauty of Melbourne together through the following activities. 

Take an Adventurous Air Balloon Flight 

What can be more romantic than enjoying a stunning view of the city from the air? Melbourne offers a magical air balloon rides that you absolutely mustn’t miss out on. It departs fairly early in the morning and takes you on an adventurous flight over the city of Melbourne. You’ll be able to savour some of the most beautiful sights and get an amazing view of some of the most famous landmarks in Melbourne such as Eureka Skydeck 88, Yarra River, and MCG.

After a romantic flight over Melbourne which lasts for about 4 hours, you can go for a delicious breakfast. You will be taken straight to the 35th floor of Sofitel Hotel where you can enjoy your breakfast with a stunning view of the Melbourne CBD.

Explore the Spirit of Melbourne Dinner Cruise

Romance simply floats in the air around the Yarra River. With numerous picnic and barbecue facilities lined up next to the river, this spot is definitely the most social place in the city, especially at night. 

You and your partner can board one of the rivers crafts and enjoy warm summer nights cruising along the river watching Melbourne city lights. The most famous dining spot you can visit is definitely the Spirit of Melbourne Dinner Cruise. This popular cruise departs from the Southbank Promenade and takes you on a romantic cruise through the city. All throughout this ride, you will be served a four course meal. So, enjoy a romantic dinner with a glass of wine and take in the beautiful view of Melbourne at night.

Enjoy the View of the Skyline from the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

Another amazing way you can enjoy the view of Melbourne’s gorgeous skyline is to visit the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. The only giant Ferris wheel in the Southern Hemisphere that offers a full 360 degree panoramic view of the city is possibly one of the most romantic spots you can visit in Australia. All you have to do is sit back and relax while taking in the most beautiful sights of Melbourne around you. The scenery is simply magical.

You can get one of the unique romantic packages, get a glass of sparkling wine or a cup of delicious hot mulled wine and enjoy your romantic ride above the city skylines. You can also enjoy one of the Observation Wheel’s special “Sparkling Flight” packages, or you can book a private cabin and enjoy this Ferris wheel ride in an even more romantic way. Also, if this trip to Melbourne is planned for a surprise engagement, the Observation Wheel also hosts wedding proposals. 

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner at the Eureka Skydeck 88

If you want to go for a classic dinner date but want to make it extra luxurious and magical, then you can visit the Eureka Skydeck 88 in Melbourne. This is absolutely the perfect spot for romantic dinner dates where you can observe the city lights beneath your feet as you sip on some sparkling wine and try out some of the most delicious meals. 

You get a whole 360 degree view of Melbourne city and can take in the sight of some of the most beautiful city sites such as Dockland, Port Philip Bay, and others. If you think yourselves brave enough, you can even participate in the famous Skydeck Edge Experience. You will enjoy the privilege of not only having a reflection-free view, but you will also experience seeing the city from a glass cube that extends for about 3 metres from the deck. While enjoying your romantic dinner above the city’s skyline, you can prepare a lovely surprise for your loved one by getting a seasonal flower bouquet ordered from Interflora and delivered by professionals. The flowers will arrive fresh at the address you’ll be having your dinner at and it will be a lovely little surprise for your partner. This will especially be a lovely surprise if you’re celebrating your anniversary or any other similar occasion. 

Book a Romantic Horse and Carriage Tour

If you want to feel like a true royal couple for one day, then you should check out the famous carriage tour in Melbourne. This romantic ride will take you around the city to see some of the main attractions of Melbourne and stunning city scenery. The Classic Carriage Hire takes you through the King Domain Gardens. On this ride you will be able to see the famous Shrine of Remembrance memorial up-close. 

After that, you can spend some time in the Queen Victoria Gardens and visit some of the most eclectic statues of Melbourne. The carriage will also take you across the Princes Bridge where you can take in a picturesque view of the Yarra River. 

Take a Walk through the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park

This spot is perfect for animal lovers who would love to get close to some of the cutest and most playful animal species in Australia. At the Melbourne’s award-winning Moonlit Sanctuary, you can take a night tour and interact with some of the cutest animals in the park. The lantern-lit night tours at this spot are an absolute hit. You can explore the natural habitats of active night birds, witness some endangered animals like quolls, feed the kangaroos and koalas, and so much more. So, if you and your partner adore animals, you will absolutely love this place. 

Spend a Relaxing Evening at the Peninsula Hot Spring Spa

If you’re looking for a way to spend a more private and relaxing evening, then check out the Peninsula Hot Spring Spa. Here, you can enjoy idyllic scenery and luxurious spa services that will help you recharge your energy. You can enjoy some romance packages as well and spend a relaxing evening with your loved one here. 

Have Fun at the Luna Park

Rides shouldn’t be reserved just for kids. Who says we can’t enjoy a fun ride at the Luna Park even as grown-ups? Any couple who is crazy about Luna Park rides will have an absolute blast here. With over 15 different rides, the carousel, the Scenic Railway roller coaster, and other amazing options, you will never be bored here. Enjoy some of the most thrilling rides with a beautiful view of the city beneath you. Also, the Luna Park often holds fun concerts and festivals you can visit too. 

Soak in the Art of Melbourne by Visiting the Theatre, Shows & Musicals

The lively theatre scene of Melbourne offers one-of-a-kind performances, musicals, live music venues, and late-night cabaret shows you absolutely shouldn’t miss out on. For this reason, Melbourne is considered to be the unofficial culture capital of Australia. 

If you and your loved one appreciate art in all of its forms you can visit some of the most famous shows in Melbourne such as Mary Poppins, Jersey Boys, King Kong, Wicked, and others. The absolutely mesmerising architecture of Melbourne theatres makes this whole experience even more magical.

Additionally, Melbourne’s Art Centre holds amazing shows but also has a futuristic appearance that will absolutely enchant you. 

Take a Chilling Ghost Tour

If you’re a couple who loves supernatural or Halloween, then this spooky ghost tour in Melbourne is just the right thing you need.  In the heart of Melbourne city, you can visit some of the chilling places like a prison, a haunted book shop, an asylum, and other places within the spooky ghost tour. 

The rumours say that this city has been a home to spirits since the day it was founded. During its founding age, the streets of Melbourne were swarming with crime and ware full of infamous outlaws. Allegedly, the ghosts of these criminals are still around and walk the streets of Melbourne city. These spooky places can be both chilling and very fun to visit. So, if this is your idea of a fun date, you should definitely check it out. 

Embark on a Melbourne Sunset Kayak Tour

Another amazing tour you can take in this mesmerising Australian city is a Melbourne Sunset Kayak Tour. You will be starting your adventurous journey in the Victoria Harbour where you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant dinner on the river. This 2.5 hour long journey will take you through the very heart of Melbourne on the Yarra River. You will be able to see what could possibly be the most dramatic and magical fire-ball display at the Melbourne’s Crown Casino all while enjoying the most picturesque view of the sunset. 


Overall, Melbourne can be a very romantic city full of magical spots couples can visit to have an absolutely unforgettable time. From romantic air balloon rides to Sunset Kayak Tours, Melbourne has it all. No matter what your perfect idea of a romantic date is, you will definitely be able to find your perfect activity in this Australian city. 

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