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Power BI Premium, Bridging Gap Between Data and Decision!

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Power BI

Microsoft Power BI has emerged as the best cloud based Business Intelligence or BI solution across all global scenarios for its unparallel market solutions that empower enterprises to manage business challenges, including skewed data analysis and fluctuating deal pricing. The business intelligence tool accurately calculates the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) at a granular level, using ultra- connected technology features. Power BI is an advanced application that also ensures a secure flow of critical functional insights and clear communication of the overall business trends using embedded, scalable dashboards, interactive reports, insightful visuals, and more.


Software as a Service (or SaaS) hosted Power BI Premium efficiently manages critical business datasets. The intelligent business tool helps share Power BI reports through interactive dashboards with anyone across the organization without requiring recipients to have an individual license. In addition, advanced integrated features, including One API or Application Programming Interface and embedded advanced analytics tools, enable system administrators to maintain and manage BI Assets on- premises through Power BI Report Server.

The business intelligence solution also comprises dedicated Microsoft-hosted capabilities that ensure consistent business performance and allow enterprises to customize those functionalities as per need.

Power BI Premium Pricing Structure

Power BI Premium comes with various benefits, including insightful reporting, big data analytics, enterprise BI, deployment controls, and advanced administration.

How is Power BI Premium Priced?

Previously, the Power BI pricing had a capacity based cost model that was relatively inappropriate for individuals and small enterprise teams. Power BI recently introduced a Premium Per User (PPU) subscription to serve customers better and ensure a fresh approach to per user licensing with all premium features. The new pricing plan includes all Power BI Pro licensed features and functionalities, including paginated reports, AI or Artificial Intelligence, among other capabilities currently available in the Premium version. In addition, Power BI Premium is a tenant- level Microsoft 365 subscription that comes with two SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) families:

  • P SKUs (P1 to P5) allow embedding enterprise features that require a monthly or yearly commitment, with monthly billing mode and include a license to install Power BI Report Server on the premise.
  • EM SKUs (EM1 to EM3) enable organizational embedding, requiring a yearly commitment with monthly billing. EM1 and EM2 SKUs are available only through volume licensing plans and not as direct purchase

Presently, Power BI Premium pricing includes two subscription models – Per User and Per Capacity:

Premium (Per Capacity)

Power BI Premium Per Capacity is ideal for large organizations managing extensive business intelligence and data analytics teams with massive IT departments or enterprises with an outsized count of users needing access to insightful reports and interactive dashboards. The application costs US$4,995 monthly per user and per storage resource with an annual licensed subscription for dedicated cloud computing. The capacity license includes all Premium Per User subscription features coupled with on- premise reporting, a 400 GB model limit, multi- location deployment management, Bring Your Own Key (BYOK), and an auto scale tool.

One of the most significant advantages of per capacity subscription is that license holders can use Power BI tools and the content without owning a Power BI Pro license. However, to publish content in Power BI Premium capacity, users would need a Power BI Pro license. Furthermore, Power BI Premium (per capacity) also offers on- premises reporting through Power BI Report Server with additional governance and admin capabilities.

Premium (Per User)

Power BI Premium Per User licensing plan allows users to purchase premium features on an individual basis or on a capacity basis—such as P1, P2, and others. Power BI Premium Per User costs US$20 monthly per user or per license. Users with an existing standalone Power BI Pro subscription or a Microsoft 365 E5 license need to spend an additional US$10 monthly per user. Microsoft is planning to make the Power BI Premium Per User license available to the public.

The Premium per user plan includes all the Pro features, with various additional features, including:

  • Paginated reports with advanced AI features
  • 100 GB model size limit and up to 100 TB of maximum storage
  • Application lifecycle management with 48 data refreshes daily
  • XMLA (or eXtensible Markup Language for Analysis) endpoint read/ write connectivity
  • Data flows and an ability to analyze data stored in Azure Data Lake Storage

To Conclude

Power BI Premium provides the richest set of capabilities for both self-service and enterprise BI solutions. Power BI Premium embeds the advanced self- service data management capabilities that help speed up the delivery of relevant business insights and collaborate with ease.

Microsoft Power BI Premium allows organizations to leverage the future- ready and sturdy business intelligence (or BI) functionalities, including seamless distribution, streamlined publication, and easy integration with other Microsoft products and services. Power BI Premium Cost and license choice depend on an organization’s size and consumption needs. In addition, the business intelligence tool provides appropriate business solutions that enable enterprises to scale up or down their operational capabilities as per the business needs and ensure reliable and consistent performance.

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