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Planning to Buy Riot Points? Here are a few Things You Should Know

by shivam gaming
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Excited to buy Riot points? Well, you came to the right page before spending your money.

To all the Riot fans that are here, this post is going to give you many insights about Riot points. These points play a crucial role when you want to win the game and improve your gaming experience on Riot.

Some things you already know, such as what you can buy with Riot Points (you can add the link to that 1200 guest post) and how to redeem your Riot Points card if you have one.

Today, you’ll learn about the different ways to get Riot points and some other things to consider before you buy Riot points.

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Ways You Can Get Riot Points

There are many ways to get riot points. Some of them are free and some are paid. Check out the list below to get an idea of all the options:

Get Free RPs

Many websites offer you free RPs if you do some surveys and other online tasks for them. However, this can be time-consuming. Another way to get a free 50 RP is by submitting your artwork on the Riot platform.

To get your free points, visit Riot points gift card valorant and select the “In-Game Question/Issue & In-Game Content & Refund” option. Now submit your artwork’s scanned copy and add a message.

Once you are done, wait for their mail. This may take a few hours or a few days.

Purchase from Riot Platform

This is faster than submitting artwork or taking a survey. However, this method can be a little risky sometimes because if hackers are eyeing your account, they can get your bank information when you buy using your bank cards.

Riot Gift Cards

These are the simplest and safest ways to get riot points. You can either buy a Riot card or tell someone to gift it to you.

If you are an Indian Riot player, click on Riot gift card india

Important Things to Know About Riot Points

Spending money on Riot points without knowing all the ins and outs of the Riot platform and Riot points can be a little risky. Take a look at the points below before continuing with your purchase.

  • If you want to redeem Riot gift cards for points, there is a limit to redeem only three cards per 24-hour period. Moreover, every time you redeem your card, the 24-hour timeline will reset. For example, if you redeem your first card at 3 PM, next at 5 PM, and again at 7 PM, then you can only redeem the 4th one after 7 PM the next day. So be careful how you use your Riot points in a day.
  • You get three refund tokens in a year. If you make a purchase with RP and want a refund, you can do so three times a year only.
  • A refund is available on unused items only and within 14 days of purchase. Moreover, directly refundable items without any support ticket are game currency, skins, champions, individual chromas, rune pages, name changes, baubles, recalls, ward skins, arena skins, cards, little legends, and card styles.
  • You can get a refund for the in-game currency you bought only if it was bought via bank card (debit or credit) or PayPal.
  • Riot currency or points can be used for the Riot store only and not for any other online store.


Filling your game account wallet with points is a thrilling experience. Whether you buy them or get them for free. So, if you want to load your wallet with Riot points, you can do so now with the information provided above.

Moreover, did you know you could buy Riot points with cashback?

Visit GamersGift and search for Riot points gift card valorant or Riot Gift Card, then select your card and take advantage of the offer right away.

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